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Australia’s ‘DIRTY SECRET’ hits home in Alice Springs

A local housing projects builder has described the living conditions of indigenous families in Alice Springs as “absolutely horrendous” and said that there’s a reason kids don’t want to be home and prefer life on the streets.

FULL REPORT by Avi Yemini:

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  1. this has nothing to do with anyone but aboriginals, they get given FREE houising, they get given FREE money, they get given FREE jobs
    it is entirely their fault and nobody elses. Are there white kids walking around in alice causing crime? are there asian kids doing it? indian kids? Nope, it's purely a racial issue.

  2. WOW. So funny that these excuses for blaming the community or alcohol but remember that it was the WHITE MAN who stole land, took children away, introduced Christian’s, intervention, alcohol and porn to the communities now like usual whose to blame. But hey at least the Government still gets their fare share of the Royalties and big pay cheques.

  3. This seems to me to be symptomatic of houses built for indigenous people in many places, that are trashed beyond recognition, and abused and misused by those who "live " in them. I've seen this over many years travelling around inland Australia, and have watched as smart, new homes become vandalised and trashed by the inhabitants. The pattern never seems to change!

  4. This is not a new problem.
    I spent time in Alice springs in the mid 1980s. A family member was in charge of the housing commission. Families would be given a brand new house, and 6-12 months later that house would be so badly damaged that it was considered unsafe to live in. Usually it was cheaper to demolish and rebuild than the cost of materials and labour for repairs.

  5. Same shit has been going on in NQ and NT for decades, these houses aren't like this because of the evil white man. If you choose to live in filth you choose that way of life. Racism, colonialism or what happened over 2oo years ago doesn't stop you from emptying your bins, showering and being a human being instead of an animal.

  6. Total direct government expenditure on indigenous Australians in 2022 was $4.2 billion.
    2017 it was $33.4 billion, up from $27bn a decade earlier.
    Aboriginal live's improvements, productivity or any other return for Australia's generosity;
    Destruction, violence and more demands.
    I think most people know why this happened.
    City trendies and the government pretend otherwise.

  7. Where is the real problem? Is it because we rely upon this socialist private corporation known as the government too much? Is it people waving war sticks and inciting the youth? Is it that the community needs to return back to their roots and take control themselves? Should the Northern Territory have government structure like the old days of where there was a council and the elders who had a structure of discipline for their culture? There are many species of beings living on this earth and there should not just one controlling all-
    Already written in the Australian Constitution 56 years ago.

    "alteration to the Constitution – already completed 56 years ago: The 'Referendum' in '1967' to alter Australian Constitution Section 51:29.gave the Aboriginal race a Voice which they have many voices representing them in parliament today, for their communities and benefits. It is already written in the Constitution.

    Indigenous Senator Price, a Warlpiri-Celtic woman from Alice Springs, said there was 'no evidence the Voice' would support marginalised communities and will oppose Indigenous Voice.
    Senator Price and others that this lady works with has their finger on the button but there is one that has it covered over —
    PM calls voice detractors 'disingenuous': Mr Albanese: "I think doesn't show the maturity of us as a Nation". Even those key players were speaking against an aboriginal Warlpiri-Celtic woman from Alice Springs but the ‘key players’ demonstrate its ‘incoherence’ and ‘dishonesty’:
    Alice Springs indigenous natives don't know who is Lidia Thorpe and Linda Burney Minister for Indigenous Australians in the Albanese ministry-

    This is the video Lidia Thorpe DOES NOT want you to see :

    Even the South Australia Attorney-General's Department haven't a clue, 'Who Will Qualify?:

    Senator Alex Antic Senator South Australia LP to Katherine Jones PSM Attorney-General's Department then Mr David Lewis Attorney-General's Department who also doesn't have a clue?

    They can't even give an answer to how they determine if a person descent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

    They haven't a clue!

    WARNING:- Do not ask questions about who will qualify for, the aboriginal voice to Parliament because those questions might be labeled “borderline racist”.

    That’s the message from the Albanese Labor government.

    How can Australians have any confidence in this overtly politicised process and the prime minister?

    National Indigenous Australia Agency and the draft is written up by the prime minister. So he knows quite a bit of information.

    So from the above, 'where is the problem coming from?
    The National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) is committed to improving the lives of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The NIAA recognises that each community is unique. Our team includes people across Australia who work closely with communities to make sure policies, programs and services address these unique needs. All beings of their culture.

    Postal address

    National Indigenous Australians Agency

    PO Box 2191

    Canberra ACT 2600
    but look where they are, Canberra.
    Even when I spoke to those about a voice in parliament it seems this is not going to help as once again, its not about talking to speak about the problems, its the 'structure' of how to do it in respect to their culture: It has failed in New Zealand and the prime minister knows about it:

    A failed experiment that this prime minister already knew:

    “New Zealand’s failed Māori Voice to Parliament, the Waitangi Tribunal, which the Prime Minister held up as a model for Australia, has imposed dangerous policies that puts a person’s race above all other considerations in government decision making,” said John Storey, Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

    A new research report from the IPA, New Zealand’s Māori Voice to Parliament and what we can expect for Australia, analyses the case history of the Waitangi Tribunal, the New Zealand equivalent to the proposed Voice to Parliament, and reveals the practical consequences of race-based constitutional change.

    The analysis identifies five key lessons from the Waitangi Tribunal’s history that will apply to Australia if we follow New Zealand’s path:

    The Voice would promote policies which compromise community safety, through race-based policing which is soft on violent crime.

    The Voice would demand preferential access to critical government resources which puts race ahead of need.

    The Voice would threaten the rights of Australians to use and enjoy national cultural symbols.

    The Voice would have an explicit veto power over certain legislation and that there would be some laws that only the Voice could even suggest reforms to.

    The Voice would have an almost limitless scope in relation to issues it can be involved in.

    On 6 February 2020, Anthony Albanese posted on Twitter: “We can learn a lot from our mates across the ditch about reconciliation with First Nations people. New Zealand has led the way. It’s time for Australia to follow. It’s time to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.”

    “The Prime Minister has long known the consequences of the New Zealand experiment, yet he has not been up front with Australians on the 'effect' the proposed Voice to Parliament will have on their lives and our nation,” said Mr Storey.

    “The Waitangi Tribunal and race-based co-governance is now a deeply entrenched part of New Zealand’s legal and political architecture, which has been weaponised by activists at the expense of New Zealanders.”
    We cannot allow that to happen here.

    A ‘Trojan Horse’ for something else is going on here and so – Mr Albanese said if he were to 'write the constitution again', 'he wouldn't advocate for three levels of government'-

    He attacked the differing education, health and justice systems and said Australia should have 'a singular economy', not six. Anthony Albanese says he 'wouldn't mind abolishing states in Australia'-There it is, 'the Republic will be reorganized into the an Empire' 'ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire ruled by the majority, ruled by a new 'Constitution.'

    This problem is being exploited to push for a republic so that a ruler controlling the august body will be a sovereign power of the Commonwealth/people/citizens:
    Clear up the language:

    The term Commonwealth means people- Living beings- not enslaved to a king, or a queen, or a power of another country but Living Beings- A commonwealth who lives independent of a master and therefore not a slave. People, Living Beings.

    The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have the power to make laws for the 'peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth – the people.

    The term Government: A private corporation hired to govern the island and its wealth of resources to better the people to live a peaceful and orderly life. The chairman/prime minister and it's board members are politicians.

    Voting: you employ this private corporation- however?

    The term Sovereignty, in political theory, is the ultimate overseer, authority, ruler, or chief. minister, pope, but where no rulership, ownership, control, and or power is inferred it is referring to living beings: "For the people of the country to be fully sovereign, they must 'identify the constitutional form', the political and juridical form, and the state's idea for the community'. They must comply otherwise, they are not sovereign.

    A sovereign people is not a race, or a species- they neither rule nor display power, or ownership, the title of: The real meaning of sovereignty is the state of being " independent, and democratic."
    Are you independent and democratic that you can do things better than this private corporation?

    Can you see through the rose coloured glasses? What did they do with the Trojan horse, left it for a gift but hidden inside was the real danger, “New Zealand’s failed Māori Voice to Parliament, the Waitangi Tribunal, which the Prime Minister held up as a model for Australia, and a prime minister who will not be up front to the Australian people why? he has something else up his sleeve- all they did was to pull the horse through the gates- all Albanese is to sell a product "Mr Albanese said if he were to 'write the constitution again', 'he wouldn't advocate for three levels of government' – he 'wouldn't mind abolishing states in Australia'-There it is, 'the Republic will be reorganized into the an Empire' 'ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire/Nation ruled by the majority, ruled by a new 'Constitution.'

  8. it’s really not a dirty secret, maybe just swept under the rug because after all, these people of the Alice, Broome, Darwin, and every settlement from here to there, never transitioned to white mans suburbia. But thus ex cop says nothing was done, what is it he thinks can be done?

  9. Stop the political correctness, creating feeble reasons excuses to justify their behaviour because you're afraid to be called a "waycist". They're not on the streets stealing, smashing, raping and stabbing because their home contains garbage, but because they AND their relatives are GARBAGE PEOPLE.

  10. This is not just an issue on an individual level, it's a cultural issue. It's a victim mentally enabled by certain media and the public. This might sound far out, but think one of the solutions is to change the culture from a hunter gatherer culture to an agrarian culture. Teach and divert resources to these people to grow their own foods, livestock, chickens etc. I've been to some of these communities and these houses sit on large blocks of land with nothing planted on them except for rubbish and burnt out cars.

  11. This ex-cop has his finger on the pulse. Unfortunately his proposed solution wouldn't work. Understanding why the kids have become criminals doesn't change the fact that they ARE criminals.
    They have a real taste for it now – even the police think twice before messing with them – they can do whatever they want. Any recreational center you build for them would be trashed in a heartbeat.

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