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Australia’s First Female Prime Minister Can’t Define A Woman…

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  1. Nature is not as black and white as we all want it to be. Even at a genetic level you have XY chromosomes giving male traits, XX giving female traits … BUT you can also get the following chromosome combinations … XXY, XO … and others. I’ll let you do the research on those to learn what gender traits they give. I’m a biology teacher by the way … So please people … take note … when you want a black white answer remember this … and remember also those moments when you yourself yelled out “It’s not black and white like you think!” Take note, take care and take it easy.😀

  2. A disaster as PM. The Left love her type: mediocre, conformist, unoriginal, and not particularly bright. Consider:
    "Do you really love your girlfriend?
    I mean, I do love her BUT…."
    No doubt we've all heard something like that. It's obvious in that example that he doesn't love his girlfriend. Same for Gillard's disingenuous response:
    "I'm very happy to answer your question BUT!"
    The 'but' acts to negate what has just been said. It's a classic giveaway that she's not happy to answer the question! 1:50

  3. Inclusion and respect…….yes, but not at the cost of sanity.
    And certainly not to any disadvantage to women. We gave trans women an inch and they took a mile, that's human nature.
    Those that want to play dress ups are welcome and I won't be disrespectful, but I won't fan the flames of your dillusions.

  4. Not a gotcha moment at all. The lame duck has been swallowed by woke politics all her life. Can’t tell us what a women is ? Can’t talk to us about the education of children either. Next question should have been…” if you can be transgender then why cant I be transracial ?

  5. In 2013 the Gillard government amended the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 to strip the legal definitions of 'man' and 'woman' from the Act and instead replace them with 'gender identity'. JG has been leading the charge on removing the sex based rights of women for a decade and she knows it.

  6. "Anyone here heard of Carl Jung?"
    'my people are destroyed through lack of knowledge'.
    Jung told an eternal truth known to the ancients that is now verboten: that we each have a shadow side of the opposite sex, the anima and the animus. They should be allowed to express themselves naturally and normally. That means, for example, a girl goes through a 'tomboy' phase, and often grows into a very feminine women.
    Instead we are taught rigid sex roles that confine and constrict our behaviour. And our young kids are taught that doctors and surgeons have some kind of magical gift; that medical intervention can 'cure' them.

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