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Australia’s Grim Economic Forecast

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Grim tiding for the Australian economy or our treasurer preparing us for a terrible budget?


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  1. understand how money is created and do not forget this is a debt based system, this makes the creation of what you call money . the bank loanes you money that cant exsist but they lend you money as a debt the creation comes from your repayments . wake up you have been robbed

  2. You speak a lot of sense most of the time, but to label the coalition conservative or more responsible than labour, well the difference is miniscule. They spend like crazy to try and cling to power, sell public assets for pennies to their mates and waste taxpayer funds left right and centre to try and pork-barrel their way to power. They make up the numbers as they go along just like the labour government does and if that goes well into the red, well why would they care. Take an 8-12 year break as opposition and then do it again! Any semblance of sanity with regard to fiscal policy goes out the window, to think that labour or liberal makes any difference makes no sense to me.

  3. At the end of the day the economy is always better when labor is in power, just look at history, we are ranked a higher economy under labor then when the liberals are in power, I hope labor brings in more tax’s for wealthy people so they can give it back to the bottom end

  4. I swear, If I hear one more person blame the economy / house prices / petrol prices / inflation on the war in Ukraine I'm going to loose it! We're in the poo because our leaders turned on the money printing presses – That's the only reason. If you want to believe their deflection about a war on the other side of the world – you do that, but I'm tired of hearing BS.

  5. Both parties have the same insane housing policies, so the decision needs to be moved out of their hands.
    Need to raise rates much higher from here, and wash all the greed out of the system – another 'recession we have to have' is required.

  6. Qld. Government needs to build more public housing with extra taxes from coal mining and not waste that money by frittering it away in general revenue spending to achieve next to nothing. Would become a government owned asset that should be worth money. Lots of public housing still sitting vacant is there? If so it should be rented. Or is there a magic forcefield that prevents government from understanding that. Have a good day 😊.

  7. There's a reason why everything is Labor in Australia. Because decades of Conservative Goverments delivered a shift in wealth to a smaller and smaller section of our society until even the " middle class " was becoming a " poor class" . So the majority / not just proud conservatives like you / but all the people / voted and the result was the Conservatives were kicked out. That's how democracy is supposed to work. Have another coffee because it's going to be Labor for some time to come !

  8. Well it’s only sad because the government can’t stop spending my taxes on telling me how to raise my kids what I should put in my body who I should care about who I shouldn’t care about and how I’m a bad person because I’m White and I’m not an Australian even though I was born hear but they won’t make new taxes because everything is going up so they get more taxes anyway and if they are short they can just print some more to make everything go up so they can get more taxes weeeeeeeeee

  9. So the only thing the RBA has to show for 10 consecutive interest rate rises is a 10% increase in house prices. Once inflation goes out of control, they're probably counting on the public's demand for a Central Bank Digital Currency to reign in spending by making sure what you can spend on and when you can spend by, through their designated use by date attached to your bank balance.

  10. I think we hit a peak of everything. Felt it coming for years. We have dug up all the cheap oil, coal and gas. We're in a demographic collapse, China being the worst, Europe and Asia following and the only populations to increase in the future will be Africa. The end of globalisation is a foot and we aren't prepared for the changes. Australia will fare better than most but it definitely won't be the 1950's any time soon unless we develop very cheap energy sources.

  11. I plowed as much money as possible into things that replace ongoing costs. I didn't worry about the time to repay the investment but instead how much it reduced ongoing cost. A good example is water. I spent 5k on two rain tanks custom made for limited space. Now I don't need to spend $20 a week on water. Once the inflation makes that outlay worth less it will be a good deal.

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Financial SLAVERY’?: RFK Jr Slams ‘FedNow’ Government Digital Banking System

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