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Australia’s Leading Expert Smashes ASIC!

The Senate Inquiry into ASIC took further evidence this past week. One notable contribution was from an academic, who really went to town on the role and purpose of the regulator. Indeed, he posed the question” Why does ASIC not enforce the law….”?

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  1. I am a bit confused with Professor Andy Schmulow's evidence, in the video he states that "we've never had Twin Peaks Senator". However Professor Schmulow wrote a paper in 2016 titled "Twin Peaks: An Analysis of the Australian Architecture". In it he says at page 7, "Twin Peaks was introduced in Australia in 1998 in response to the recommendations of the Wallis Inquiry". So what is correct, have we or have we not got a Twin Peaks financial model? Whether it's works or not is another matter entirly.

  2. I'm glad this is all over mainstream news and the ABC, otherwise I'd have to rely on an independent YouTuber to hear about the flaws in our regulatory apparatus that might put the banks in a position where failure of a single institution would mean that the risk to the economy is so great that consecutive governments would be wedged into a position where they must continually innovate new life-rafts – like FHB grants, ultra low rates, zero deposit and interest only mortgages, record immigration numbers behind our historic ability to build homes for, and generous tax incentives – to keep the banking-property complex floating like a turd in the septic economic tank that it has become.

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