Authoritarian “Congresswoman” Threatens Matt Taibbi w/ Jail Over #TwitterFiles | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Sure, this kooky chick’s educational accomplishments sound impressive, but did she really accomplish them, or does it only “seem” like that because she got an invisible “hand or two up?” You could easily imagine her enthusiastically wielding a machete back in ‘94.

  2. What they call Trump's "threat to press freedom" is basically that Trump contradicted the mainstream media narrative and a large segment of the public believed him. When he said the media was the enemy of the people, he never made a move to shut media outlets down. But by saying so, he caused a drop in their popularity among Trump voters. And that freedom of people to make up their own minds is something the liberal-sphere finds threatening. Of course a lot of what Trump said was fact-free bullshit, but then liberals are free to promulgate a counter-narrative. However, they know that merely allowing another narrative to exist threatens the hegemony of the establishment narrative, so they are left trying to shout down, suppress, de-platform, and in the end threaten those who provide a counter-hegemonic narrative.

  3. @GlennGreenwood it’s odd to hear Mr Allred state “Americans, and only Americans, should influence the outcomes of elections”. The Democrats are pressing for illegal aliens to have voting rights. Thus, Central America is outright influencing the outcomes of elections.

  4. This is a problem way deeper then this corruption. She appears to be a servant of the religious wrong ideology of unlawfully violating the existence of human beings for individual, religious, and provincial/governmental aims. Be careful, Matt.

    Also may I make a suggestion if you’re serious? Stop referring to human beings in the religious wrong dehumanizing terminology you use? Thank you. If you really want to be taken seriously.

  5. Glenn is giving the congresswoman more credit than she deserves….she probably didn’t even watch the MSNBC segment or write the letter….she is likely a better performer held completely in the dark while given her marching orders and scripts by the handlers that put her in power. In fact it is more likely that that MO is necessary as finding someone who checks all the boxes to make her a viable candidate and having her be a complete psychopath narrows the field to much….not that she is not a sociopath to a large extent, I just find it easier to believe that she is manipulated and cajoled into her performances and actions my much more skilled and devious handlers than what we see is actually an authentic ideological response to the issues at stake. In fact, the stakes are way way higher for these deep deep operatives whose machinations are being exposed by Twitterfiles and the like…she is simply an asset who sold her soul to them to do their bidding. Give her the benefit of the doubt if you like, but I just don’t see it. Also, they try to make this censorship all about Trump Trump and Trump….to me it really makes more sense as a response to Q. It was never Trump dropping loads of information and scary shit for deep actors….they seemed to spend a great deal time and energy to co-opt and discredit “the Q movement” and took a great deal of time to create this censorship apparatus, which was already in place prior to the C19 epidemic…so call it conspiratorial all you like, naysayers, but that’s how it appears. Unfortunately if one is to report on individual instances like this one and not on the whole, then someone like Glenn has to give the “benefit of the doubt” to the actors like this one, I guess, even though it’s pretty clear to me that “her writing” sounds more backroom think tank like pointed and crafted committee speak to me, but it’s probably racist or something to say so.

  6. These Democrat congress people that partisipated in the hearing of The twitter files, where Matt Taibbi exposed the states interferance in censoring people that don't spout the gov narrative output, these politicians trying to personally smear reporters who are reporting on illegal interferans findings by the goverment onto peoples right to free speech, should be thrown out of goverment for life.


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