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Bad Australian vaccine data

Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance – Annual Report 2021

Report describes adverse events following immunisation (AEFI)

Reported to Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) system

For vaccinations received in 2021.

The format of this Annual Report differs, to enable description of the impact of the program

COVID-19 vaccination started in February 2021

In 2021, Western Australia

5,756,723 vaccine doses were administered,

up from 2,071,167 in 2020.

Of this amount, 3,948,673 were COVID-19 vaccines

In 2021, a significant increase in reports of AEFI

10,726 individual AEFI reports in 2021,

up from 270 in 2020.

(200 reports from Influenza and routine vaccinations in 2021)

Of these AEFI, (adverse events following immunisation)

10,428 (97%) occurred after a COVID-19 vaccine

Similar volume of reports in the rest of Australia

(as reported by the Therapeutic Goods Administration)[0]=type:189

In Western Australia

Total AEFI rate following a COVID-19 vaccine was 264.1 per 100,000 doses.

26.41 per 10 thousand
2.641 per thousand

Non covid vaccinations, WA, 2021

11.1 events per 100,000 doses


Comparison with US in 2021
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
148.3 per 100,000 doses

Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)

306.1 per 100,000 doses

Comirnaty (Pfizer)

244.8 per 100,000 doses

(US, 122 per 100,000)

Spikevax (Moderna)

281.4 per 100,000 doses

(US, 187 per 100,000)

Why the difference?

This likely reflects differences in the sensitivity of passive adverse event reporting systems between the two jurisdictions.

Some of the important AEFI that have been specifically monitored

TGA-coordinated national surveillance vaccine safety program


Thrombosis with thrombocytopaenia syndrome (TTS)

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)




Chest pain

Deep venous thrombosis

Pulmonary embolism

Bell’s palsy

In 2021

1,125 appointments made at the adult vaccine safety clinic at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital,

up from seven in 2020.

439 appointments made at the Perth Children’s Hospital specialist immunisation clinic,

up from 214 in 2020.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. Hospitals here in Australia are NOT interested in recording anything about or open to attributing anything at ALL to COVID. My daughter was rushed to hospital 2 days after receiving a 2nd vaccination, mandated by her employer, the government, with a blood clot. Their ONLY concern was to reassure her that it had NOTHING to do with her recent vaccination. Her incident WOULD NOT of been recorded as a symptom or side effect of the covid vaccinations. I'm more than disgusted with our GOVERNMENT and our HEALTH SYSTEM in general. Zero trust resides in my heart.

  2. Thanks Dr Campbell l have had followed you during the covid19 story, so much good information on that, in France our government is completely mute and hypocrite on the adverse effects of this vaccine… at last like in Australia the true come out . My brother in law died following 2 weeks after his first jab… it is very sad indeed

  3. I had Moderna and 2 boosters and have no had any boosters since. Last couple of months the injection site where the needle was in on my left side has been hurting. I've had pains in my heart and significant shoulder pain that has not gone way and hurts more in certain positions such as when I hold the steering wheel while driving. When I press the injection site it is tender and sore. The last time I had an injection in it was about a year ago.

  4. I'm not a Doctor, just a working class man in the North East of England. 'Conspiracy theorist', perhaps. I never got the jabs, never wore the masks. I'd honestly think someone with such a medical background would've done the same. It was fairly obvious that Whitty, Vallance, Hancock and Johnson were overplaying the whole seriousness of the Covid saga.

  5. You have to wonder why this data was with held from the public? After my first Pfizer injection I became quite ill, including feeling like a block of ice. I manage to have a telephone consult with my GP. And after going through all my symptions what was I told? I'm not going to treat you as you don't sound ill. So just who was behind this cover up?

  6. The TGA AND the Government Chief medical officers in each State are still pushing the v@cc1n3s and boosters.
    Adverts all the time and 'grim' faces by those 'officers' when interviewed on TV. And they STILL advocate safety.
    All this information now, and it is STILL NOT highlighted in ANY way on MSM.
    The HUGE majority of people STILL follow blindly along with what they are told, and I STILL get the 'rolling eyes' whenever I make even a comment.
    To me, it seemed so obvious that something was amiss at the very beginning when it was 'pushed' so hard.
    The lead-up (test) years earlier was the flu v@cc1n3 when people were intimidated and financially forced into that.
    And guess what – it will be the same when the NEW 'world health crisis comes.
    People, as a mass, are predictable and don't like to be told they are wrong. Hence the 'ganging-up' mentality when someone speaks out.
    Climate change is the OTHER 'pandemic for our wonderful 'leaders to save us from, and Solar Panels, Windfarms are the new 'Adverse Events'.
    Never got a 5h0t – am 75 – and haven't been sick for decades. (And the others say – Awww! you're just lucky.

  7. Investigation by journalist Davis on the British brainwashing machine which was used by the UK government during the pandemic to intimidate the public. OmniGOV is one of the psychological projects of the Foreign Office, which promoted “social responsibility”, but in fact was a tool to pressure the media for failing to comply with regulations during a pandemic. The “Covid” media strategy was developed by the largest advertising company Omnicom, which cooperates with the Ministry of Defense and the British government.
    1) Back in 2018, the G7 countries, at the suggestion of the UK, agreed on a rapid response mechanism, that is, on jointly advocating a common point of view on key international and political issues.
    2) After that, the BBC organized the Trusted News Summit, which actually formed a global media cartel from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook (Meta), Financial Times, First Draft, Google, The Hindu, The Wall Street Journal, AFP, CBC / Radio -Canada, Microsoft, Reuters and Twitter.
    They act as a monopoly cartel and brainwash the whole world now.

  8. Can attest to the underreporting. 37yo male in Melbourne, had a pericarditis reaction after my second Pf. Luckily, I was diagnosed pretty quickly and willingly by a GP and cardiologist, so there was certainly no question about it as my chest pain started the next day. It was never really debated and was accepted as a V injury from about Jan 2022. It wasn't until I needed an official exemption for work in June that I was officially reported by my GP to the immunisation register . So despite being diagnosed and having 5 months of multiple ECG's, an echo, an MRI, a few ED visits, along with worsening symptoms, if I hadn't asked for the exemption I technically would have remained unreported. Nearly 2 years on and symptoms still going strong.

  9. Hello America, thanks for all the money. I'm unemployable in the mainstream health world because they all think I am just an old relic, obsessed with COVID. I am. That's why I talk mostly to Americans as they are the only ones who happily pay up for my disinformation.

    Today I am going to pick bits out of a report on COVID vaccination side effects, to frighten you if a serious pandemic happens again. The information is from western Australia and shows that there was a dramatic increase in headaches and other conditions after vaccine use started in 2021.

    I will make it sound as serious as I can by talking about number of reports per 100,000. Talking about hunfreds of side effects compared to number of doses – millions – spoils the level of risk picture so I won't give it.

    At the end I will have a near tantrum and say if I had known about how risky it was, I would never have been vaccinated. I am a medical man after all so I know it would be really stupid to risk having a headache, when all that could have happened if I had stayed unvaccinated, would have been to have died in an intensive care unit.

  10. I blame politicians, they succumbed to commercial pressures, their greed must be addressed. Makes Andrew Bridgen one of the very few to be untainted and suitable to trust in high office. The medical profession has sunk from 200yrs of sainthood to evil in 2 short years.

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