Bakhmut About to Fall, Russia Says Ukraine Leaving Kupiansk; Report Implicates Biden in Nord Stream

Bakhmut About to Fall, Russia Says Ukraine Leaving Kupiansk; Report Implicates Biden in Nord Stream
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  1. Feb 9th Lexie go,s AWOL is this the start of a new campaign, is Lexie on strike demanding more money for the misinformation he spews, or maybe he found his conscious down the back of the sofa and can’t bear to tell lies for money anymore
    It’s probably more mundane like the little soldier went out without his vest on and now has a runny nose
    Making him sound more like John hurts elephant man than he normally does

  2. Of course admin. spokespersons will deny the Nordstream story, an admission could led to war or worldwide chaos! Most general people on the street believe the U.S. did it. And Biden has had it out for Russia for many years. He has wanted regime change and the economic collapse of Russia for as long. The only thing Biden can do is deny publicly and find a way to deal with the republicans in the house as they are sure to call an inquiry which they can do without the senate. It will be behind closed doors so we can only hope someone will "leak" so e info out to us. Pending that, no country has enough courage to call for any outside inquiry and if they did, the U.S. would just not participate and who would do anything about it? The U.S. wins again, as usual. Though I wish they wouldn't for once.

  3. The msm silence about the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, and who did it, is a confirmation itself. If the Seymour Hersh report on the Nord Stream attack is false, the msm would enjoy debunking it. Some news outlets have denied the report, but have not proved it false. People recall what President Biden and others in his administration said before and after the Nord Stream bombings. That is also confirmation. The government in Washington has a long track record of a reckless foreign policy and deceit. The attack on the Nord Stream pipelines is consistent with Washington's history. We must not forget that it was Washington's overthrow of the Ukrainian government that began this crisis in Europe. In the first place.

  4. I found this reported on Tass. It is a comment by Roger Waters :
    "Yes, an article I wrote about three months ago calling Vladimir Putin a gangster… That may have been unfair," the musician said. He explained that he’d become a keen listener to The Duran, a podcast spin-off from a website that has published blogs linked to the anti-NATO hacking group Ghostwriter.

    "After hearing their take on Russia, Waters now has more respect for Putin," the Daily Telegraph wrote.

  5. Михайло Подоляк: Adviser to the Head of the Office of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy 2/10/23 “RF has been striking at UA cities all night & morning. RF’s intention is the same: mass destruction & killing. Enough talk & political hesitation. Only fast key decisions: long-range missiles, fighter jets, operational supplies logistics for UA . Or else genocide can’t be stopped”.

  6. Being with the bad team

    I'm in bad trouble, because I'm on the wrong side of human history and in bad company.
    At the beginning of the Ukrainian war, when the USA and the EU went around the world and threatened all countries with bad consequences, if they did not impose a trade embargo on Russians. The argument was that they would be on the right side of human history.
    No kidding, it was set up like this. Enormous pressure was applied and all evil was threatened. But…80% of humanity resisted the pressure and continued trading with the Russians, with the Chinese and Indians leading the way.
    Namely, the BRICS bloc is worth much more and with Russia in the mix, and then BRICS is a rising trade bloc. The trade sanctions against Russia failed and played into the hands of the West. BRICS is creating a new currency and payment system and taking out the Dollar. So the position of the West is much weaker and decades of decline lie ahead.
    Shot themselves in the foot. Energy power Russia and its natural wealth cannot be taken out.

    The West has admitted (Biden blurted it out) and others, that the intention was to make a coup in Moscow and install a Western puppet government in the Kremlin.
    Russia was to be replaced or permanently destroyed and broken up into many smaller units, so that they could be controlled from the West and then the exploitation would begin.
    This is how Ukraine is.
    We see a 30-year period of Ukrainian independence. This well rich country, is the poorest
    state of Europe and the most corrupt in the world. Why is the nation so poor, despite "democracy" and natural wealth?
    Sure, the West stole everything a stone's throw away, using the Ukrainian oligarchs for that.
    The Biden husky himself took part in looting and looting Ukraine's resources. And it all started in 2014, i.e. The Ukraine war, when Nuland and the Pentagon, brought about a coup d'état in Kiev.
    The war started in 2014, and as Putin put it, "we are only ending the war".

    This was to be the fate of Russia.
    Make a coup in the Kremlin and destroy the country.
    Who gives the West such power to divide and rule the world?
    Who gave the US the police power of the world? No one…
    The United States took this power with a heavy hand.
    The Americans use these basic tools to coerce nations into obedience.
    1) Trade constraints
    2) Direct invasions into other countries
    3) Proxy War
    4) Regime revolutions (money and weapons used to pump in an opponent of the government)

    The US uses phrases like they are spreading democracy and helping "oppressed" nations. How democracy? This kind of cheating democracy, where Biden cheated his way into office?
    Who gave the United States the right to bully other nations and impose on them a system of government that is contrary to their values and religion?
    Maybe they don't want US values. Which are nothing special really. The United States is a military power and a police state. The Wild West is still going strong today.
    And the US has exported bad values and their junk food is only there to destroy people's health.
    Regarding values…who gave the US the right to impose theirs on other nations?
    Nations have their own say in the society they live in.
    Even if we in the West find these values to be, for example, foreign and unexciting. Then it is the right of these nations to be in peace with their religion and government. The people there want to live their values in peace.
    Usually, people rise up if they don't like the current value. But this should come from the people themselves. Not a coup d'état and Washington's intervention.

    This is actually a new colonial structure that the United States has brought up.
    Nations are beaten into obedience and the whole world is used to serve US interests (Europe gets the breadcrumbs). The dollar is used to control world business, the entire world financial system is controlled from the US, SWIFT, and the whole system.

    The overuse of trade sanctions has angered the nations of the world, no one knows who is next? If a nation does not do as the United States wants, the nation is coerced.
    America's insane tyranny…this is disgusting.
    Only now do the nations of the world have a chance to break free from the tyranny of the United States.
    Namely, the nations of the world are going to rally behind Russia and the BRICS nations.
    A huge number of countries want to enter the BRICS, a new trade system is set up, without the dollar and without the West. The West needs the world more than the other way around.
    Violence and tyranny are always bad and must be opposed. All tyrants fall, said Gangdi.
    The neocons in Washington and the EU are only now being pushed back again.
    Everything has failed, why? Sure, Russia was simply too big a bite to coerce and be violent against. This is not a small state that they can rag on, as has been the case so far.

    Social democratism rules the roost in the rugged West.
    An ideology based on orthodoxy and guardianship. A system of mental and physical violence.
    We see the issue of this team. Imaginary climate change is used to tax and coerce the population. Covid is another violence, people were held captive and forced into poisonous injections. Yes this team wants to control our bodies.
    How was it that one day Covid "disappeared"?
    Stopped getting dangerous.
    Nothing happened when the violent restrictions and closures ended. Nothing.
    What a violent ideology.

    Washington and Brussels are then busy demolishing our freedom of speech and opinion. All kinds of laws (hate speech) are a cover for censorship.
    Remember Katrína's hate speech law… is nothing more than the censorship compulsion of the Socialists.
    This disgusting compulsion of the Social Democrats to patronize people's lives, RULE THE PEOPLE….
    The right of the individual is trampled underfoot in this ideology.
    And in this company I'm in…being with the bad team.

    Icelanders and I are in this bad company.

    Woke and Cancel Culture are dominant in the West.
    Hatred of the nation-state (Communism/International Socialism) and its values.
    Iceland is unrecognizable today e.g. compared to what I grew up with.
    There are no good old values here anymore. Even the church is full of woke and cancel culture. June 17 has come in a flash.

    Multiculturalism is the issue. Saying you are patriotic and love Icelandic culture is something bad. What is multiculturalism? It's chaos and it's not working, not even in the US it's working, ghettos and cultism everywhere.
    However, Americans have managed to glue together some kind of national identity, some kind of glue to hold these different races and groups together.
    But it is always short for riots and chaos. We saw that in BLM, when America's cities were burning not long ago.

    For a society to function, one dominant culture and value must prevail. Of course, it is possible to respect the rights of all individuals in society. It is possible.
    But multiculturalism is just hundreds of different values and ideas and interests and chaos.
    They are trying to erase borders, and teach us self-hatred of our own culture and values. All kinds of lies are put up and we are told to swallow them.
    Sweden is one example, about Woke and Cancel Culture. There is actually a civil war going on there today. In the old days, this was one of the safest and most peaceful societies in the world. Not anymore. Without values and glue, the nation-state and society fall apart. Anarchism.

    Back to business with Nato and the US.
    Everyone knows the Americans blew up Nordstream.
    The Americans do not even hesitate to attack the possessions of the Germans and the Dutch, the so-called allied nations. What an ally the United States is and a non-violent advocate.

    And one other wrong that the west is doing. It does not respect property rights.
    Without property rights, the market system and democracy do not work.
    We look forward to the expropriation of the Russian rich. Plans are to rob Russia of $300 billion in reserves. This is just theft. And what will be the consequences? Sure, there will be capital flight and no investor or nation dares to keep their money in the West.
    Another example of the violent system we live in.

    I was on the right side of human history when I grew up during the Cold War and we were dealing with Soviet Communism.
    Neocons in Washington and Brussels hate Putin and Russia.
    Why? Sure, Putin respects the Church and Russians love their culture and values.
    Don't want Woke and Cancel Culture and the degenerate values of the West.
    Russia has 193 ethnic groups. And the ethnic groups are allowed to have their values and customs in peace.
    This is a success for the Russians.
    But….Russian culture is the core and the glue.

    We are currently in power with the most dangerous US administration ever.
    Biden the husky and his Neocons, have only one thing in mind.
    Maintain US global power along with Europe by all means.
    Do not want peace in Ukraine and pump all the weapons they have.
    Screw that Ukrainians are being used in this proxy war. Fight to the last Ukrainian. They include never mind the people in the country. This is an ideal place to wage a proxy war with the Russians.
    This is a disgusting policy and evil.
    The plan was this. The Russians were to be taken out economically and the state damaged.
    After that, it was supposed to ride in the Chinese and set up a proxy war in Taiwan.
    This plan is still in full swing.

    And they don't care, even though we're on the brink of World War III.
    The United States, however, has been at war for 222 of the 239 years since its founding in 1776.
    What a company we Icelanders are in.

  7. Igor Girkin Goes on about the Recent Russian military defeats/slaughters below by "Strelkov Igor Ivanovich" (his nom de guerre)

    "Since the defeat at Vuhledar is already widely known (many videos shot by drones of Kyiv partners have been posted on the network), I will have to comment separately (I didn’t want to do this before, as well as report losses)." Cont. Below)

    It seems that all the events of the past year passed by our generals. However, since some of them are (at least from the moment they entered military schools) complete cretins, all the mistakes that were made before were exemplarily repeated. The advance of tank and motorized columns along narrow roads along rare forest plantations on ideally flat terrain (since there are minefields on the sides), not covered from the air and by EW forces, ended in defeat. Part of the equipment was destroyed by ATGM strikes (launched from the high-rise buildings of Ugledar), part was shot by enemy artillery, which fired extremely accurately. More than 30 units of armored vehicles were lost (I will not give a breakdown by type), losses of "two hundred" only among tankers – many dozens. Marines, special forces and motorized riflemen died even more. And – most importantly – all these losses turned out to be "one-sided" – the ukry shot the attackers "like in a shooting range", our fighters could not inflict counter losses on them. The enemy again without much difficulty held his positions in the fortified area, which had already been repeatedly attempted to take in the spring and summer of last year (also "head-on").

    At the same time, our military leaders (so as not to “get up twice”) habitually sent for slaughter through the familiar terrain in the Donetsk “industrial complex” (they went on the assault dozens of times) to Avdeevka “renamed the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” battalions of the former NM of the DPR and volunteer units. Without supporting them with either normal artillery fire (which was extremely inaccurate), or armored vehicles (which were "protected from mines", and it was not possible to clear the area for technical reasons). They killed two more companies of assault infantry with the same result as before – that is, to no avail.

    In general, this was the end of the "offensive of the Russian army on the entire Donetsk front" widely announced over the network by "cheers-military corps". Complemented by the rebellion (refusal to take the position) of the battalion of Tuvinian nomads and not only (in principle, I don’t report anything about such events until they are “leaked” into the network by someone and become publicly available).

  8. After the Times newspaper report on America's responsibility in the bombing of the Noor Stream line

    Will America not only become a state that sponsors terrorism, but a state that practices terroris*m?

    Will the Security Council impose sanctions on it for practicing terroris*m, threatening international security, making European peoples vulnerable to death due to frost, destroyin*g the economies of Europe and Russia, and exploiting Europe by selling gas four times as much?

    Or is the Security Council just a tool against weak countries like Africa and Asia?

    After what happened, will the UN Security Council decisions have value and will the world countries abide by them?

  9. How many ukrainians must die to protect the petrodollar when this fiat currency is no longer accepted around the world we can give Ukraine all the money and needs the only thing they'll be able to use it for is toilet paper if Zalinsky doesn't surrender he should join his men on the frontline's to suffer the same fate he's putting his men through this war must stop for Ukraine's sake

  10. Ok i will solve the mystery now once and for all! We Greeks have been mislead by our media. No EU country gave any help to Syria after all!

    Is just that the Greek media spreaded around that Mitsotakis asked EU to permit Greece to offer help to Syria. But EU denied so Greece didn't provide any help to Syria either.

  11. If the US planted four explosive devices, and only three detonated, that means there might still be conclusive evidence ready to be picked up.

    Even if Sweden or the US retrieved the 4th device, there would be marks on the pipe.

    The Russians, with a neutral country as witness, should get down there quick 👍

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