Bakhmut Siege Tightens, Russia Captures Krasnaya Gora; NATO Backpedal Fighter, Zelensky Doubts Grow

Bakhmut Siege Tightens Further Russia Captures Krasnaya Gora; Poland/NATO Backpedal Fighter, Zelensky Doubts Grow
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  1. I would love to go back and see how many times you've mentioned Bakhmut in the past 6 months. The Russian invaders have destroyed the city and what's left has yet to be captured. Say, have you mentioned that the Ukrainian military retook half the territory the Russians originally held? Or the deaths of innocent Ukrainian men, women and children caused by Russian bombs and drones? How about the rapes, pillage and torture conducted by Russian soldiers? Despite Ukraine's flaws, their citizens have a right to live in peace.

  2. Alec, she's not involved because it's obvious to anyone that knows who and what she is, with the exception of you, it seems, that she would be in so far above her head she would drown, and quite possibly take others with her. So, as far away from anything of real consequence she can be kept, the safer everyone in the world is.

  3. The real simple solution is that if several of the hostage nation withdrew from NATO, if would collapse. Superpowers like China, Russia, India, Syria, etc. aren’t NATO members, have no intention of being governed by the elite few, that NATO doesn’t do much for it’s members (doing more harm than good), it really is of no value and should be dissolved. Life will go on as before NATO’s inception in 1949! MAYBE THEN EVERY LEADER WILL DO THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO, PUT COUNTRY FIRST!

  4. The recent massive rocket and drone attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine is a flagrant war crime of neo-Bolsheviki and neo-Soviet Russia, and can be compared, in a small degree, with the real Holocaust, the barbaric fire-bombing of Dresden and 154 other German civilian cities by Dazis, during the Second Antibolsheviki War 1941-1945, and which is commemorated on February 13-14 each year.

  5. Ukrainians withdrew under control from Krasnaya Gora as it was at risk of encirclement. Bakhmut is still holding it has 2 roads open one of which is more risky than the other. Ukraine are carefully withdrawing from Bakhmut already and setting up behind it. They have held it long enough to delay Russia and caused endless waves of russian mobiks to lose their lives. This has prevented any progress for Russia since August. It has done its job. You ignored the massacre of Vuhledar where dozens of piece of equipment and russian troops have lost their lives. You are wrong on The aircraft they need them for the offensive need training too and both will be supplied for around 3 months time. there is alot to get ready in maintenance etc for that . Be in no doubt President Zelensky is supported widely and yes the Telegraph can host a view of the war nobody believes even yourself . They are allowed to publish because we are a democracy. And if Russia wins the Countries that Russia goes on to conquer will not be allowed to publish opposing views freely

  6. Regarding Seymour Hersh’s brilliant article, I don’t think the small group behind the destruction of Nordstream is at the top of the decision pyramid. They are too inconsequential. Without getting too conspiratorial, the deep state (or whatever name you prefer) runs the show. This entity consists of elite psychopaths whose bloodlines go back to the mists of time. Check out the material of the late Alan Watt (no “s”).

  7. what is Russia's view of Victory ? unclear and ever changing. Zelenskys victory is crystal clear all russian troops removed from all Ukrainian. The order it will happen Zapp through to Crimea first then push east and back to the russian line. There is no need to continue into Russia

  8. My comment one hour ago was a joke, it was certainly not meant to be disrespectful, are you kidding?, I tune into Alexander every day, he has so brilliantly kept me and so many others educated on the reality of the Ukraine war throughout the entire journey from February 2022.
    Alexander apologised at the start of this show over some error others pointed out. I remember the discussion in question, I certainly didn't see an error, others must have done so, I thought it trivial that he would be picked up on a small mistake that was of little consequence given the scale of his work and bringing his work to us.
    To whomever told me to be respectful, well, I'll let you off this time.

  9. Excellent as usual comments from AM. How to define victory???? Easy: at least 90% of a total victory was ALREADY reached by USA and UK. Germany is no longer an economically competitive country and will not be subjected, in the view of the UK/USA/Brussels, to political "blackmail" from Russia. The weapons industry, of course, is in paradise for the times to come in this Cold/Hot War 2.0. and in the meantime, some transfer of badly needed Russian development resources into the war is very welcomed. Sorry ( being too cynical perhaps) but with the exception of the psychopath's neocons in the UK and WasDC, who does want a nuclear war that spoils such excellent business?? Hope nobody with the red button at reach.

  10. One and only road they have to get out of Bakhmut is a less good and not so secure. All other roads are under Russian control one just few hundred meters wide towards the Chashyv Yar is in Russian control. They just cut the road to stop traffic or supply routes.

  11. What you said about price caps, it is obvious that this is a kind of fraud against Ukrainians. It means that they are just playing with Zelenski. It means that the price cap isn't meant to harm anyone. It looks to me like that man on the beginning of the war which was talking about division of Ukraine down the stream of the Dnieper river. And we can't guess what will happen with Odessa. I know that Kadirov has said that they must take Odessa and Harkiv region to Russia ie motherland to be safe. What is the goal i don't know.

  12. Excuse me, do anyone know anything about this war crimes against captured Russian military??? How we never can't have evidence but Russians "did so many crimes, that they didn't do such a big numbers of war crew in both WW1 and WW2. Shame. Z-Elenski killed them all. What a legal way to become the most notorious serial mass killer!? Only people like Z-Elenski Nuland and Anthony Blinken. They are in charge. She war criminal even admitted in front of the USA senate or wherever that they have taken care in relation with the Nord stream 2 and 1.

  13. I doubt Baerbock was told prior to Nuland, Biden and Sullivan's pipeline fantasies being turned into reality, because she is an absolute intellectual liability. She would probably have blurted it out on some talk show.
    Here in Germany people are dumbfounded by her abusive Ness of the electorate. She couldn't give a damn what the electorate in Germany thinks, wants or feels.
    Baerbock looks like a Manchuria candidate.
    She actually has no real higher education qualifications. What's most dependable about her seems to be, on closer investigation, that everything about her is a fraud.
    She hasn't even asked for environmentally friendly weapons for Ukraine as of yet!
    The Ukraine vonfluxt has demadked the Grünen as Germany's leading, dangerous, political moral clowns.

  14. Maybe European Governments, who have been hit hard by the shortages and hike in gas prices should sanction the small US team, consisting of Biden, Blinken, Victoria Nullan and anyone else who was involved in the terrorist decision to blow up Europes main gas pipeline supplying gas from Russia. This was an act of war against Russia and the whole of Europe, but rather than go to war with the innocent American people, Russia should just deal with the terrorist who authorized this sabotage.

  15. One recalls that President Putin told the EU that any country that Caps Russian oil will not be able to buy Russian oil in the future! The EU obviously thinks that Sergey Lavrov was not serious when he announced that there will be no return to business as usual.

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They Don’t Want PEACE

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