Banks HOARD Cash As Recession Fears Mount | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss new economic information that could indicate an incoming recession.

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  1. Do they think increase reserves means they are holding back cash, banks means they are increasing their loan loss reserve, which allows them to write off bad loans. They are essentially saying they need a larger reserve, to write off bad loans against. It’s accounting terminology, not an actual pile of cash

  2. There is almost no more rate hikes coming .. I'd say like 50 basis points more, maybe. If you look at the M2 graph you can see they have effected it in a good way. If they keep the rates up ( not increase them ) the M2 graph will be at the point where it is suppose to be if Covid did not happen in about 1-1.5 years. This does not mean it will be at the same level as before Covid, just the rise in it would be inline with how things were. The price of Energy will not be going down tho.

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