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Banks receive public funding but are closing branches in regional Australia Senate Speech – 22.11.22

While banks receive billions in handouts from the taxpayer, they are closing bank branches by the dozens in regional communities.

I spoke about this last year in the chamber and hope to address this issue via a Senate committee into regional banking later this year.

The banks have a social licence and they should honour it.

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  1. Yes it is discusting. In my town there are many people who are elderly and cannot travel to the regional centre. In addition to this it prohibits young people I.e. teenagers from depositing cash they have earned into their bank account. Thus disempowering them from exercising the right to financial independence. Additional to this is the assumption that everyone has easy access to and can use internet and devices to manage banking online. Not everyone can! It is disempowering, exclusive and ignorant to remove access to banks in regional centres. The government is not supporting the regional communities as they push ahead with the agenda to CBDC. I strongly believe that CBDC will exclude a great many people and contribute to further societal stratification.

  2. Thank you for raising this. We desperately need a bank here in Coober Pedy!
    The Westpac closure is going to kill our struggling opal industry.
    You are the only politician who seems to give a shit about us.

    Neither our State or Federal members have done a thing to reverse this unjustifiable decision by Westpac.
    If the government threatened to take their banking license, I bet they would be motivated to keep rural branches open.
    The government supposedly monitors and regulates these banking corporations….hard to believe, I know.

    Westpac abandoning Coober Pedy is a bold piece of skulduggery when they made over 3.2 BILLION dollars, IN PROFIT, in the first HALF of 2022. You can't afford to run a couple of small rural branches? Really?!

  3. I'm sure the banks would turn around and say that they're paying Australia Post to make their banking services available via 'Bank at Post'. Banks should be obliged to either have branches where bank at post services are deficient or rectify those deficiencies in those areas.

  4. Richard Lawrence Miller – "The Chain Of Destruction". – 1.) Identification, 2.) Ostracism, 3.) Confiscation, 4.) Concentration, 5.) Annihilation.

    1) Find the target land.

    2) Watch the property prices drop in the coming months.

    3) Watch the businesses close their doors because of the lack of cash flow.

    4) Watch the residents move away because of the lack of cash flow.

    5) Watch the banks, developers. and multinationals take the land at a next to nothing price.

    "Divide and Conquer" remember.

    "The Chain Of Destruction". – 1.) Identification, 2.) Ostracism, 3.) Confiscation, 4.) Concentration, 5.) Annihilation.

  5. Yes YES AND yes…. Why is this man or others like him not presenting as candidates for Prime Minister? …. is it beause there are a large consensus that actually want some vague, abstract, unknown authority that they feel will never be able to hold it to a genuine accountability…. to take charge and install a culture where anybody can present or propose a value and relative situation and be supported and qualified because of a majority consensus……………. I wont say like Hitler did………. because there are too many fragile mental cases who will completely implode if somebody takes a stand openly, that is contrary or challenges their fragile perspective of reality……. Senator Rennick should be awarded the most, the highest award to any Australian that has laid their life on the line for Austrtalia!!! SENATOR RENNICK!!!!!! Please, please run for prime minister or help us identify who we can with our whole HEARTS SUPPORT AND TRUST!!!

  6. It's by design. Force people onto internet banking as step 1. Remove banking facilities and neutralize cash transactions step 2. Usher in under the cover of darkness digital currency – step 3. Monitor and take control of personal transactions by customers step 4. Penalize customers financially by withholding services when draconian government rules are not adhered to i.e. driving fossil fueled vehicles not in compliance with Climate reduction policies. Prepare people to fight for your future liberties.

  7. Banks can all go to hell. They are leehces on society and are NOT NECESSARY!! They are behind every moment of pain all nations experience. They are legalised gangsters by our criminal cartel selected governments. They too need to go. We need to cleanse our government and their cronies who allows this theft to happen legally. Australia has gone to the dogs and we pay the price. Banks are finished anyway.

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