Biden Admin SCRAMBLES To Account For $20B+ In Ukraine Aid Ahead Of GOP Investigations: Report

Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave delve into the audit Republicans in Congress say they are planning over the aid the Biden administration has provided to Ukraine. #Ukraine #Biden #GOP

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  1. The US has allegedly over 100 billion dollars into this war so far. The US sees this as an investment for the future. Their idea is to topple Russia and then feast on the remains. They promised the EU a cut of the action. They just have to do what the US does best, regime change in Russia and then the in gates are flooded. The US has to get back to where it left off in the late 90's after Yeltsin departure. To many resources to go un used!!!

  2. If you want the peace to last (spend less money unless you also want to wash your hands of Europe) its best to allow the peace to develop organically. The battle of force generation will mature and then both sides will have to come to the negotiating table, which of course should be encouraged.

  3. I guess the Nazis in Ukraine are "morally" right to have butchered ethnic Russians for 8 years, that is what we call being in the eight side if this war…I also guess the USA was right to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014 and hand over power to Nazis in Ukraine…
    I guess Russia is wrong for not allowing the USA's puppets to continue their reign of terror.
    Oh the fact Ukraine was part of Russia for 300 years and only separated in 1991 doesn't mean Russia should not allow USA exceptionalism to take over Ukraine and let USA friendly Nazis rule over it and butcher ethnic Russians.
    Americans reason like toddlers.

  4. Shame on the GOP. Just because Ukraine gave millions to Hunter Biden doesn't mean that Ukraine is corrupt. Zelinsky is as honest as the day is long, just look at how hot his wife is. Helping Ukraine is so much more important than solving minor American problems like homelessnes and fentenyl addiction and the horrible assault on trans rights.

  5. This is a US / Russia conflict. Ukrainians are used as cannon food slaves of USA ! Shame. Ukraine is like USA a very corrupt regime. The interest ? Peter Scholl – Latour , the worlds most famous journalist with 20 books, work as head of German Television, Head of " Die Zeit " newspaper. This PETER SCOLL LATOUR wrote " Russland im Zangengriff "( translated in 30 languages ) " Russia encircled ". This why 160 000 Ukrainian Soldiers are killed ! And many Russians too. The truth is that USA attacked illegally ( as always ) Ukraine in 2004 / 2005 , called it the " Orange Revolution .
    Peter Scholl l. was in Kiev and saw there hundreds of CIA agents and snipers. they changed the legally elected president ( he did not want US and NATO and EU inside ). and put a puppet president on stage. Interesting is thatPoroshenko and later Selenski ( a korrupt criminal working as a clown ) and the gang around are jews in a catholic, slavic traditionell country. They attacked the Russian speaking inhabitants in Donbas Luhansk, Mariupol Odessa. Many thousands of Russians were killed. Than Army and Nazis attacked with bombs killed so many. Russia came to rescue these people, they are 98% in these regions.Russia tanks GOD annexed the Russian areas for protection. Crimea, pure Russian speaking area was the same !
    Russia will never leave. they have to destroy all the Ukraine for the reason US can not install their nukes their. A fair reason. But soon its over, its to late now for negotiations, Ukraine is soon over and Russia again. The whole one of course. Thats it !

  6. If stop helping Ukraine, like fascist audience wants. Not one dime of the money we spent or will spend, would go to help the average American. So your aurguments are hollow. Tax cuts for rich and deregulation is all you get. So all you Putin loving fascist can keep on crying.

  7. “ in all our hearts” “ on the right side of the war”. Oh Robby and Batya. While I absolutely can understand the people, the citizens of Ukraine in the west wanting to repel Russia, you seem to be forgetting the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in the eastern Donbas region Who have been getting bombed for the last eight years by Kiev. You seem to be ignoring the fact that russia gave a red line clearly and they made that clear many years ago and we kept on encouraging Ukraine to be belligerent. I don’t think you’re getting paid by anybody I don’t think Batya is getting paid by anybody to take this position but I certainly think you’re both being very narrow and convenient in your analysis of this situation. I have course appreciate that you support the idea that there is not unconditional military aid to Ukraine. At least you’re not like the rest of the media in that respect.

  8. Here is a theory. We don't really know much about Zelensky but we do know we don't like Putin attacking Ukraine. We send him weapons and money to protect his country's freedom, but at what cost to us. Are we giving him too much support because Biden is being blackmailed by Putin. Biden has made us dependent on oil from other countries as he has brought our oil production to a standstill. The Dems are using Putin as their bad guy so as to detract attention that might be centered on Biden's war on domestic oil production. We need the oil and Biden needs low oil prices to keep his polls from plummeting. So we spend a lot of money on Ukraine because our politicians can't let Putin take Ukraine and cut off oil to us and Europe. That would raise our gas prices and ruin Biden's reputation. Biden is desperate to not let Ukraine fall into Putin's hands, but won't raise a finger to use our economic powers and diplomacy to put a stop to Putin. This is a war we can reduce funding to if we fight Putin the right way. We can stop this war Putin started. If Biden shows some backbone, then Putin may back off of Ukraine.

  9. Biden was vice president when Barack Obama was President of the United States. When Barack lost all of those weapon in operation Fast and Furious under Eric Holder, Biden did not stand up to demand answers. How can he possibly keep track of all the weapons and money he sent to Ukraine, especially since he and the dems felt invincible during Biden's time as president. Now he can't seem to find the money he spent, probably because no accounting was done to keep track of what he spent and to whom the money and inventory was sent to. What a shoddy way to keep accounting records!


  11. With the $20 billion of our taxes that biden laundered…i mean "lost" in ukraine, we could have ended homelessness in the US. But biden and the rest of the criminals in DC do not care about American people. They just care about war profiteering and shoveling our taxes into their pockets.

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