Biden Admin TARGETS Comedian Who Made Hillary Memes. Faces 10 Years in Prison.

In this interview, Darren Beattie – Former speechwriter and policymaker for President Donald Trump and founder of – sheds light on the flaws in the January 6th report. We also discuss the controversial case of an individual charged under 18 U.S. Code 241. We discuss the dangerous precedent this sets for free speech and the impact it could have on comedians and other creators.
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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. Where were the ANTIFA/BLM who always confront 'Trumpster's wherever they find'em? That should be a 'dead giveaway' – it was all preplanned. After Trump's victory the BIG-TECH & DNC used those years to rig the next elections and destroy GOP by any means possible! I also believe the "virus" – that we paid for – was brought in and released by dr.Fauci and his team during the election year. That would make any control and electoral forensic investigation impossible! Sen.Paul is sensing and was provoking Fauci for the truth a la "A Few Good Men" segment: – "You can't handle the truth" – but Fauci wouldn't budge! The SWAMP's strategy this time was as perfect as diabolical – they pulled the CON of the millennia! '

  2. Welcome to communism folks.

    The lawfare and abuse of process is the punishment. If you cross them they'll want to break you down in every way they can find, dismantle and destroy your life and maybe even kill you if they feel like it.

    That's not being hyperbolic, that is where we are at now.

  3. You just have to look at the tapes to see it was corrgraphed from before it happened. It was orchestrated and coordinated just like the other riots that took place immediately beforehand. It was obvious and sloppy – on purpose- that was pretty clever. None of it was spontaneous. Boil boil toil and troubles…

  4. The 800-pound gorilla in the room is the Jan 6th committee took years to look into what happened, but never broached the subject of why no security was mustered in light of all of the intelligence agencies and the FBI as well as Capital Hill police. Congressional security took no actions whatsoever. The FBI had 12 informants in the 26 militia groups and did nothing. And what was the result in the aftermath? They gave billions to the police, and now the people can no longer access the people's house. This was the goal all along

  5. I have a question: if someone texted the number to "vote for Hillary" was it an actual number or a fake number? In the first case, the text would show as "sent", whereas in the second case, it would be "not sent" or "undeliverable", a clear indicator that it was a fake number. I think that might make a difference in this case.

  6. Epps being a plant should absolve no one. Ray Epps should be scrutinized not vaporized. It’s unclear, though how Epps can simultaneously be tagged as a provocateur because everyone was a IDing him as such, and also giving him responsibility for everyone else’s behavior. Particularly when the then president had been using his bully pulpit to incite insurrection over the prior weeks and vigourously personally moments before.

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