Biden APPROVES $500 Million Weapons For Taiwan (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs

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  1. Taiwan has been part of China, since the 4th or 5th century. Here is a fun fact, Taiwan is the biggest battery producer in the World, and Afghanistan has the most Lithium in the world, do you see why America wants those countries?
    Also speaking about an Sovereign Nation being invaded, The United States has been invaded by Washington DC and the Rothschild illegal criminal banking cartel! The Federal Government was never meant to be this big, and States were supposed to take care of their own affairs. The Federal Government was set up for defense, and to help address the needs of the States, The Federal Government was never meant to control the States, but that all changed in 1871 when Congress turned The United States into an Corporation and changed the original constitution of the United States. In 1933 FDR signed an Executive Order that transformed all the natural resources, and the people’s labor over to the Rothschild family, and in return the Rothschild family would print as much money as the United States needed. The Rothschild family turned America into their own international profile, so they could do international business. These scumbags use your social security number and your labor as collateral, that is why immigration is allowed to add more value to the country! That is why the monetary value of America is 585 billion dollars and that is why the United States is 33 trillion dollars in debt with these demons.
    Henry Ford said in his book, if the American people ever found out about the way our banking system works, there would be an revolution the next morning.
    We are literally fighting against Khazarian Ashkenazi communists, that are running an criminal Banking Cartel!
    The way to beat these scumbags is we need a complete work stoppage in every field in America into these demons are held accountable and removed from our country!
    The second way to beat these scumbags, if 200 million Americans purchased a once coin of silver the banks would be destroyed over night, because banks like JP Morgen wouldn’t be able to cover the shorts.
    Both plans require no violence and people just have to not comply with these tyrannical rules and laws, which are unconstitutional and they are likely committing High Crimes Against Humanity! The problem is that the sheep will never stand up for what is right and just! So once we get our country back, we have to exile the sheep out of country, and straight to Israel.
    I have heard people say it’s Jewish people that are behind the destruction of America, and that’s just plain ignorance!
    They aren’t Jewish, Hebrew, or Israelites, they are Khazarian Ashkenazi! These Khazarian Ashkenazi have zero bloodlines to Abraham, Jacob, Issac, or Shem. They are Khazarian Ashkenazi demons that high jacked an entire religion and polluted with satanic rituals. So there is no country safe from these demons. Putin is trying to destroy the Rothschild’s illegal banking cartel system, and that is why he is painted as a evil dictator! These scumbags did the same thing to Germany in 1927.
    If people would just read about the history of country and study the wars we have been in, it’s a very clear picture that is painted. The politicians have zero power and they answer to the Rothschild and the MIC! We the people have no voice, and freedom is illusion!
    GOD bless everyone here my friends.

  2. I thought Trump was supposed to start WW3, and Biden was supposed unite everyone and bring countries together! But it’s Biden going to start WW3 and Biden is the guy who turned our allies against us! Everyone who voted for Biden, just remember your bad decisions when you lose everything and a foreign country invades us. Everyone who voted for Biden was completely grifted and betrayed! You better wake up before it’s too late!

  3. To pretend that America’s policy regarding Taiwan is so unique and different is strange to me. This country has always been on the side of the nation that wants independence from an authoritarian government. What if the French had citizens who thought like u…America wouldn’t have had the money to fight for our nation’s independence. Our policy of assisting nations who want to be free is a direct result of our experience as a country.

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