Biden Claims He Had a Meeting with GHOSTS!! 👻👻

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00:00 “July the 6th”
01:37 “The Election of the British Prime Minister”
03:54 “What if the British House of Representatives was attacked?”
05:15 Joe can’t keep his story straight
06:47 “President Harris”
07:11 “America is back but for how long?”
09:42 Biden Lies During the J1m Crow 2.0 speech
11:37 “I See Dead People.” Joe Biden (Probably)
12:55 Proof that Biden is full of it.

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  1. This doddering dipshit of a president that we have is rapidly slipping into dementia. The inability to recall simple words, the bouts of confusion where he forgets he already shook someone's hand or tries to shake the hand of people who aren't there. Forgetting that people died recently, getting lost while walking somewhere, and now forgetting what decade he's in by referring to foreign politicians he probably knew 55+ years ago (considering he's been on the government tit since 1962!). That's all separate from rewriting how is son Bo died, claiming it was in Iraq when he actually died several years after coming home. It's maddening that the media and population at large let this all slide when if it were Trump, they'd be all over him.

  2. On top of that nothing he is saying about Jan 6th actually happened. Nothing was vandalized except the windows Antifa broke and no officers were killed. I don't even think doors were broken down. The Capitol police let them in and the only dead person was a protestor.

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