Billions Trapped in Russia!

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A large number of western firms have continued to operate and invest in Russia since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. These companies are estimated to have earned profits of around $20 billion dollars since the invasion. The problem for these companies is that the Kremlin has blocked them from accessing those profits in an effort to clamp down on companies from what they call “unfriendly nations.” Will these companies be able to repatriate these profits at some point in the future?

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Written by Patrick Boyle

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  1. This faux war is artificially constructed and companies know the truth. Beside the import evasion through Kyrgyzstan (and others), also realize that almost no company really left Russia; They simply renamed their stores locally but kept the logos (such as McDonalds) or they kept he colors such as fashion stores, or kept iconic markings such as the coca cola font on their renamed bottles.

  2. Let me bring attention to Perun's point about sanctions. Even though exports to Russia may now be routed through other countries, it will still be much more expensive and therefore will still hurt the Russian economy and war effort. E.g., importing finished cars from Kyrgyzstan to strip them from their chips (etc.), is way more expensive due to costs to Kyrgyzstani middle men and the useless left over car.

    This video even gives one example with broken down oil ship.

  3. La chose la plus intelligente à laquelle tout le monde devrait penser en ce moment devrait être d’investir dans différentes sources de revenus qui ne dépendent pas du gouvernement. Surtout avec la crise économique actuelle dans le monde. C'est encore le bon moment pour investir dans l'or, l'argent et les monnaies numériques (BTC ETH…)

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