Blackstone Defaults On Huge CMBS The Global Financial Crisis Is Here!

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Blackstone Defaults On Huge CMBS The Global Financial Crisis Is Here!

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Written by Michael Cowan

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  1. Well, it sounds about right with COVID-19 causing so many businesses to fold leaving thousands of square feet vacant. These businesses stayed out but the rent still came due. The FED is not doing what it takes to stop inflation, which means people are not spending on product like they once did. More businesses are laying of causing more pressure on the industrial real estate industry. Look for this to end off a cliff. Normally it would take a war to get out of this financial mess.

  2. Businesses think that the Government will do something to prevent this crash from happening. So, they are sitting on the side waiting to see prolonging the crash. When the crash happens, don't look for it to bounce. It's going to stay low for years and then only tick up a quarter point in real estate value.

  3. I am pretty sure that the default on the CMBS deal is because they have to declare bankruptcy first before they can re-finance or re-construct the original deal … it is because of the bonds involved …. I could be wrong … but, it is also to early for "fire in the pants" reporting

  4. A 10% interest rate is something that will most likely happen. Not only are government still printing new currency with no end in sight, but fear of going too far is causing central banks to lengthen the pain with small incremental raises in rates. This will make economic recovery take much longer than it needs to be..

  5. You’re missing a major part of the bubble. I’m a developer, a majority of large developers work off short term fixed construction loans. Production slowed due to supply chain issues and now sales have slowed with prices pulling back. The banks are pressing large developers here in the US to accelerate construction and sell or they won’t refinance or give extensions.

  6. Can you say new world order is it real? Are they really starting a depression/recession the risk ne3d to be priced higher than 2percent interest has to be higher than inflation 5 percent is only the beginning if they claim inflation is 8 percent we are 3 percent awaw from target

  7. Employees: "We showed you what our initiative means for your useless middle managers."

    Employers: "We don't like that work-from-home model; come back to work."

    Employees: "Triple our salaries or go pound sand."

    Employers: "Okay, we'll just pass on the higher cost to our captive customers."

  8. Volker inflation policy is to bring the Fed funds target rate above the inflation rate to kill inflation. The Fed chair been very clear about this what’s inflation? 8%, 10%, 11%, and effects of fat funds rate, what’s the average customer right? Above that for sure.

  9. Can we start holding businesses accountable?? It’s sickening that when this goes down the middle and lower classes will be shellacked and then the government will step in and help out these corporations instead of the aforementioned people. See the 2008 financial crisis results if you disagree.

  10. In parallel with escalation in the recent years, the recession is now the 'most likely output for the economy' and i cannot imagine being a victim of circumstances, my portfolio got a big hit, holding it further wont be any good, ive heard of people acquiring hundreds of thousand even on red seasons, how can certify this?

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