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Blinken Affronts Australia—Rejects Appeals to #FreeAssange | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. I’ve always voted Labor. I will never vote for them again until they return to being a worker’s party with values!! Rescind the contract for the subs which, just like permanent war, is nothing more than an assault on the treasuries of sovereign nations!! Thank you Glenn and Julian for your service!

  2. Such is a personal revenged coming from American political leadership 🇺🇸😡🗡️ along with its intelligence like the monster murderer the C.I.A.😡💻📡 against Julian Assange exposing the evil empire's criminality🇺🇸😡🗡️🚀💥💀 worldwide!

NYT Admits Ukraine Counteroffensive FAILING Breaking Points

NYT Admits Ukraine Counteroffensive FAILING | Breaking Points

Noooooo You arent allowed to READ THAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Noooooo!! You aren’t allowed to READ THAT!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO