BREAKING: Trump UNBANNED On Facebook And Instagram | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump being let back on to Facebook and Instagram as they unroll new guideline policies.

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  1. I just don’t feel anyone can tell these companies what they can and can’t show. If people aren’t happy go to another platform, or start a new one. If people don’t follow you there, then maybe they don’t care what you have to say.

    Giving government power to tell companies they can’t control the experience on their platform, disrupts the soul of what makes a platform experience what it is.

  2. Laws should determine what is OK to say online. Not some secretive politically partial convergence of one political party and their biggest donors. All while misusing the first amendment that frees companies from any backlash by saying theyre free to do what they want. How were they free when the government was secretly threatening to punish if they didn't do what the dems wanted? How is hiding political news not considered illegally influencing elections?

  3. I do enjoy how both of these two have bashed main stream media for terrible reporting and between Trump returning to Facebook and the US Government sending tanks to Ukraine, Trump is leading the broadcast. This is insanity and both Krystal and Saager should really have their legitimacy questioned.

  4. Dangerous posts on social media are known to destroy lives, topple governments, and blow up planets. For this reason, they should NEVER be allowed to be posted publicly.

    However, the problem that no one is talking about is the danger that the employees of social media outlets are in, especially the ones tasked with making sure that these dangerous posts never see the light of day. If these employees end up seeing all these posts that they are keeping from the public, they are in danger of contracting cancer, getting hit by a car, or having their heads literally explode from the evil and darkness lying in wait like ticking time bombs inside each and every one of these dangerous posts.

    For this reason, I believe that the only solution that will completely solve this problem is for everyone in the world to lose their ability to see, hear, or communicate in any form or fashion. The world must be protected from the machinations of Satan, who works through social media to destroy the world, as well as cause everyone to make poopy in their pants. Everyone will be happy and safe, and Satan will be rendered powerless and disappointed.

  5. You can't have your cake and eat it. Either FB is a private company and can do what they want, and this has nothing to do with free speech. OR FB is the de-facto public square, and it needs heavy government regulation (including an end to advertising), and therefore due to lack of profitability will likely have to be publicly funded. One of those has to be true. Trying to skirt this line in between is logically absurd.

  6. Krystal's obvious point about all media platforms banning certain content is one right-wingers rarely grapple with. So is the point about the most anti-free speech POTUS in US history getting a conniption when his violent, anti-democracy speech is banned. Geese and ganders anyone?

  7. When your societies only goal is personal greed… it's a meaningless, ugly and inhuman place.
    Capitalism in the West is only about the accumulation of wealth.

    Everyone in the West shares the same 'dirty' secret. It's an unspeakable 'open' secret.
    Especially by the so-called 'left'. They have a paradoxical disconnect between their own greed,
    and their righteousness of being considered ethical and morally balanced.
    That's why conservatives are so hated by them.
    Republicans pride themselves on their 'Protestant work ethic' and open cupidity for wealth and status.
    The 'Left' hide theirs …and will not publicly 'own it' the same way a conservative does.

    This coupled with a century of immigrants coming to the US – Not for the culture, but for the money.
    Has destroyed any sense of community or familial values.
    when immigrants come, they set up self-contained communities.
    They come to the West for one reason… greed. It is the strongest magnet humans have ever invented.
    Everyone shares the same unspeakable open secret, if they live in the West.
    That it is a 'multi-ethnic' chaotic mass of avarice.

    Now Trump is the embodiment of Capitalism.
    He sleeps in a room covered in Gold and has three billion in the bank.
    He's Capitalism personified. And to the 'left' …this is a constant reminder of their own gilt.
    Their own rapacity and lust for wealth. Those with 'Trump derangement Syndrome' would rather hide this fact behind a leader, who's a smooth talking ambassador. Who deflects the nastier aspects of the Wests meaningless society …and lingers on small, easily manageable righteous issues.
    Whilst surreptitiously still maintaining the flow and ever increasing accumulation,
    of money circulating within the nation.
    That's the kind of leader someone with 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' requires.
    For their cognitive dissonance to dissipate and quieten their moral anxiety.

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