Briahna Joy Gray: Democrats DEFLECT Nord Stream Explosion Inquiries As Questions Mount

Briahna Joy Gray raises the question whether there will be a thorough investigation of who really was behind the Nord Stream Pipeline attack. Originally aired Feb. 23, 2023; #nordstream #russia #seymourhersh The U.S. has denied involvement in the destruction of the pipelines.

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Our great European friend Biden the great leader who does not know whether he is alive or dead who has paralyzed Europe by blowing up the Nordstream, because Europe became too friendly with Russia and did good business with the Russians, oh oh oh that is not allowed because we Europeans only listen to a democratic USA, a good USA that has always helped the world. since 1945 when they gave Nazis protection and took them to America, we should be thankful for that, I don't remember who the Nazis are.

  2. I am from Germany and I can certify that nothing at all about this act of terrorism is handled transparently in Germany.
    The goverment is blocking any communication about this actively as well as the MSM.
    The MSM on the one hand "report" about any rice bag tumbling over in Xianjiang as long as it belongs to some Uighur but one the other hand keep complete silence about anything North Stream since it became public knowledge it was not Russia.

  3. Rising is better than ever. Hersh says the pipeline terrorism was cooked up in late 2021, which means Putin's call for negotiating security were meaningless. Putin wasn't provoked, he was entrapped. Dates are everything. Accordingly to Sachs and Ritterr, Putin told Bush in 2108 that he would take back Crimea if there were any eastward expansion involving Ukraine. This was at the Bucharest Summit

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