Briahna Joy Gray: Is Cancel Culture PUSHING Students Into the Arms Of Conservatives?

Briahna Joy Gray argues that students should make the case for their own, individual beliefs. #highereducation #identitypolitics

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Written by The Hill

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  1. I don’t think Rufo is making conservatives fridge. I think his point about making unelected government bureaucracies accountable to publicly elected assemblies if they insert their unpopular ideology into educational institutions is a hard point to argue against.

  2. So now she's pretending like there's no stifling of free speech on campuses? Free thinkers are not pushed to the right? Because of her "lived experience" ? Then she calls it fragility? And that student is just triggered asking for safe space. What's next? Pretending that liberals are not called conservative, politically homeless don't exist, there's no red pilling, there's no lifelong democrats walking away…cancel culture is not real….?

  3. 12:00 thats the whoopi goldberg argument! & thr is some truth in it. trans too (more often then they like) can not hide thr identity: so we cant be entirely blind to it. i can pretend not to be jewish, you cant pretend not to be black: thr are circumstances that matrs. & the volunteer (or funded, as is the case now) secret police re-education nonsense in these schools is worthy of combating. protecting minorities, who will always be in the minority, is the hard part. cant go too far either way.

    but the general line has to be no violence. & the rest should be perceived "victim" support", not retribution of perceived transgressors. & if you cant leave the safe space room, or want to still be a surgeon "but shouldnt have to see blood, bigot!" – yeah, we do need to find that nvr 100% clear line which that OTT example is hinting at. bc it is real. but do it wo abandoning ppl who say they are strugling. it is a hard job, but a lot of ppl get paid pretty well to do it. so. _JC

  4. Bri pretending that the real problem isn’t institutional repercussions, getting penalized from professors, losing out on scholarships, or being reported to DEI thugs to be put through a brainwashing program. Did she have to deal with any of these repercussions when she was in school I’d have loved to hear about them.

  5. Brianna being hypocrite again…there's a 13 to 1 ratio of Democrat teachers vs Republicans…

    Diversity of opinion? Really? Say 1 single thing the left doesn't agree with and they will cancel you.

    There are literally 2 articles this week of students who got expelled for not agreeing that there are 73 genders… weekly news… meanwhile Brianna is gaslighting us abd saying 1 university that wants to g
    Hire people of a different thinking is bad (while ignoring the left has been doing that for years until it reached a 13 to 1 ratio and openly punishes anyone with other ideas)… PATHETIC

  6. These “studies” departments shouldn’t be shut down bc they are opposing any viewpoints. That’s a complete strawman. Gender studies and the like should be shut down bc they aren’t scientific or rigorous. It’s a religious ideology absolutely RESISTANT to data or new information. We must have SOME standards as to what constitutes an academically rigorous discipline. And we can actually DEMONSTRATE that these departments are not scientifically driven.

  7. Briahna is outright and deliberately mischaracterizing what the kid wrote. He didn't complain that making the argument in class re: colorblindness was responded to with with the claim that saying so was "invalidating". She suggests that maybe he just needs to make an argument to counter that disagreement. But the "microinvalidation" point re: colorblindness was made in a "diversity training session", ie a bureaucratic invocation of the social rules that are in force on the campus and that, if broken, could result in sanction. When she does this sort of thing, in bad faith as it were, she invalidates her whole "leftist" persona and comes across as someone who belongs on The View.

  8. College isn’t where you go to confirm your biases, particularly about other people.
    If you can’t deal with a diversity of opinion or ambiguity during your time there or after, you wasted both your time and money.

    Fundamentalism, properly understood, is not about religion; it is about the inability to seriously entertain the possibility that one might be wrong. In individuals such fundamentalism is natural and, within reason, desirable trait, but when it becomes the foundation for an intellectual system, it is inherently a threat to freedom of thought.

  9. Hasn’t anyone told Bri she oh I didn’t realize you are black ? That’s just an over reach . A racist white person will never say that , they rather just call you the N word . So I don’t really understand her point her . MLK will be call the black face of white supremacy because he preached about a color blind society which simple means that we should be treated by the content of character not the color of our skin . Biden invalidated my blackness because I didn’t vote for him so that’s the true invalidation

  10. American colleges are just sooooo bad and honestly BJG is a very intelligent journalist and I see her point but come on briahana try standing up in the middle of room with a maga hat at college and we only see protests when conservative turn up to talk if you disagree that’s fine but come on


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