BRICS Invitation INCLUDES Saudi Arabia (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs

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  1. Interesting how they will have CIA assassinate a national leader because they want democracy but they’ll allow the medieval dictator of Saudi Arabia to betray us on 911 and now on the reserve currency issue to live. If they’re gonna force regime change why don’t they change the Saudi regime? It’s incredible they allow MBS to do that and pay no price for it while raising gas prices to hurt tue US and our allies.

  2. Non-Western Countries: "We want to join BRICS as an alternative to American hegemony and it's attempt to consolidate power! Who's running it?"
    "Um, Putin: a guy who's been ruling Russia and consolidating power for more than 20 years hoping to form his own version of hegemony. Oh – and he kills reporters and political opponents.."

  3. This eminent change in the petro dollar is what got Libya destroyed and Kadafi' killed., but because Libya stood alone on this position and was stopped. Now through BRICS a United front African nation and others can finally rid themselves of these parasites -:US, Great Britain, France, etc…

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