BRICS – Win Against the Woke? | feat. @AcademicAgent

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  1. Their job must be so damn easy, they just have to go around to these countries and say look how bad the west has been for you. And if you look at the west, their governments and departments are spouting off about how bad the west has been.
    Why can't our governments be on our side. Why are they on the side of these other peoples? They should be telling everyone how great white people are, but they don't.

  2. When little Jimmy decides he wants to play with little Timmy instead of you, most adults tell you "It's because you're doing something wrong, Jimmy doesn't want to play with a bully, you have to do better and be better". When foreign nations form a counter-NATO and start colluding with each other, most adults tell you "it's because Russia is evil". No, it should tell you exactly how evil your own countries are if Putin is based enough to say "Yeah, no, we're not gonna castrate our kids and let unhinged leftists run the country".

  3. BRICS is a union against the dollar, not a cultural one. These countries have huge differences among themselves. They also wouldn't be against the woke, since it is a tool that can bring the collapse of the west. As the woke is weakening the west, they have every interest to keep it floating – but they will never let it take too much power inside their own countries. Personally, a dilemma between an islamic tyranny like Iran or a woke tyranny like the US, is like making me choose which serial killer I prefer to die from, Dahmer or Manson.

  4. I dissagre entirely whit the idea that bricks countries think the same kinda things as western leftists, they share points of retetoic but like, the anti-colinial anti- imperialist view among the mainstream radical left has been obscurred and reconceptualiced to mean something else entirely.. wheras what countries in the third world are talking about is a verry real cohersion and sabotage present in geopolitics, a chohersion the mainstream western radical left is for as long as it serves their degenerate social policy.

  5. 7:47 The fact is that the Russians, Iranians and Chinese DO have our (Western citizens) interests at heart; while the US Security State, Wall St/City of London, and the Military Industrial Complex are only interested in us to secure their power and profit — and will gleefully watch us all die in agony or starve in poverty.

    NATO is the enemy of Americans and Britons; as is Five Eyes.

    Vladimir Putin is the good guy, and BRICS is an effort to restore liberty and democracy.

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