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Bringing Julian Assange Home │ Senator Shoebridge

We need to Free Julian Assange and bring him home.

Senator Shoebridge speaking in Parliament on 02/08/23 on Senator McKim’s motion for the Albanese Government to use our close relationship with the United States of America and the United Kingdom to free Julian Assange and bring him home.

Written by David Shoebridge

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  1. What ever happened to standing by your mates and being true blue. Australian governments have often ignored the plight of groups and individuals. Many people may feel like mushrooms, that is left in the dark and fed on manure. Token apologies and little action long after events doesn't really help.

  2. If he is innocent he will go to court. Australia doesn't take Australians accused of war crimes to court. The top military leaders. When is Australia getting Xi to release any Australia? Your begging for trade from China and buying Chinese military equipment and training Chinese fighter pilots denying the Australian military worked with the Chinese military? If Australian Julian Assage never took bribes from Putin or Xi is is he afraid of. Australia never answers questions about whether your soldiers ever worked for a foreign government. Well, your police and military wouldn't have Chinese military equipment and Huawei ties if you cared about two Canadians locked up in prison in China. Australia can't be serious about a spy not answering questions in court. Russia and China call spies journalists but Australia should bring their war criminals to trial and if Assad is a journalist and never took money from China or Russia than why is he afraid of a trial?If you don't want to have Australian soldiers go trial or politicians and to answer security questions about China your not a honest military partner. I am sure America has war crimes but I am sure Australia does too and doesn't believe in going to court. Raped and murdered babies in the ingenious community no court or trial? I guess that is not a war crime for adults in another country by Australian standards. Why do you have court if you don't believe that you have criminals? Yeah, Xi is never going to get yelled at by Australia for Uighur genocide that make Australia 's solar panels that you were told about. Is it 80,000 or a million people locked up? People change the numbers pay politicians who raped them and castrated them and chemically sterilizated them. Even Chinese people agreed that Xi ordered the entire race be made smaller and forcibly shrunk because they were poor religious people who spoke a Chinese language that Xi didn't was a official language. Making no money for cheap clothes, cell phones, cars, cotton, solar panels, laptops and probably a whole lot more good and fashion brands than we will ever no about. You gave the Chinese military who locked them equipment sales. You ought to be disgusted with every military piece of equipment you don't make for your self. That's why even minerals should not come from China or any other product. People have reported soldiers raping repeatedly and massive gang rapes and they sometimes die because of the violence. Well not everyone believes videos and photos of China are photo shop made by the American pentagon. Where are your journalists when you make trade deals with China? Every war criminal should be caught but caughting a country comming war crimes dose not mean America is the only country that commits crime. Why did he not investigate Putin for war crimes or any Chinese people. The idea of breaking breaking a country 's security for investigation is popular but investigating people who were never in Iraq is not. Increasingly trade with China is hypocrisy they are guilty of war crimes and biolab genocide. Hong Kong says chinese companies are not flagged as a risk and you don't pay for cyber security. Enough said you're never admitting what is on Chinese security cameras and releasing on the internet for public inspection. I guess Julian Assange wants to call the pentagon liars for what they say about Russia and China 🇨🇳. I guess he needs to pay the bills by trying to release information about all the soldiers in America 🇺🇸 for some benefit. Like China can't do that without him.I don't think he was found in South America I think he was in America with Edward Snowden investigating the government and spying on soldiers. If wants to prove his innocence he should try. No innocent people hurt or targeted right?

  3. Fantastic! Australia is backing the wrong tactic in sycophancy to the US. We don't need them as much as we are told. Stand up and they will eventually shut up! We indeed are viewed with increasing disrespect internationally for fawning to US hegemon. The world is changing and we're backing the losing horse. Wake up or we'll lose all our trade with China and be forced to eat humble pie , earning us even more justified scorn of the international community.

  4. If you don't, we will all suffer he is being charged for free press. Which will end all free press next and already happening free speech. They have been lying tried to murder him spied on him.. he will not live if he is transferred here. He will be put in a blk site detention center.. They are evil. Shouldn't even be able to have.
    They don't even care about people here look at our country homelessness. Children are missing at 300,000 underage and babies saw the m.e evaluation and saw that they left them in a war zone in sadan, Nigeria. Niger . The white farms diplomats are left for dead..our leaders are not following the law, oaths nothing mad in the head.

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