‘Buffer zone’ between NATO and Russia shrinking | DW News

Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, the first time Moscow has based arms outside Russia in decades. Moscow claims its Iskander-M missile system — capable of launching nuclear warheads — will be equipped for use on Belarusian soil by July.

Under the Non-Proliferation treaty, the United States, Russia, China, France and Great Britain have the right to nuclear weapons. While they cannot transfer nuclear weapons or technology to a non-nuclear power, they can deploy weapons outside their borders. The US has currently deployed nuclear weapons to Europe in countries like Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.


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  1. I really hope the Belarusian will learn correctly how to handle those bloody nuclear missile system. A bit to much vodka plus endemic stupidity and a fatal mistake could be done. At the end Putin will say 'We did'nt launch the missiles, this is all Belarusian fault' 😃

  2. You saying the Buffer zone is shrinking. When I lived in Communist Czechoslovakia USSR had direct borders wit the West through Communist Poland, Communist East Germany and My Communist Czechoslovakia. There were no problems with Buffer Zones. Russia is not worried about Buffer zones, they want to expand the Russian doctrine and influence to pre 1989 levels.

  3. Russia and Belarus lie, and lie, and lie.
    If you want to know the truth, take the exact opposite of what liars say. You'll always be a lot closer to the truth, …and often frighteningly on the spot.
    The truth about nuclear weapons in Belarus is simply, a Yawn! Russia already has many nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad! That is even closer to the Europe than Belarus, …and getting closer to the US means going north, across the Arctic, not Westward. If the nuclear weapons in Belarus come from Murmansk, then I guess that's a de-escalation, as it means weapons moving further away from the US.
    Liars and clowns!

  4. Putin is a sad pathetic loser, so anything is possible with him in charge of Russia.
    The West do not want him to use nukes but will not allow to be blackmailed by him.
    I think if Putin uses just 1 nuke then the gloves are off and Im sure the West will have a plan to disable Russia from doing anymore damage.

  5. DW is blatantly anti Russian, this is not "impartial journalism", this is pure anti Russian indoctrination. Your journalists and editors are even worse than the cesspit BBC. You should be ashamed to even call yourselves journalists, it is utter ultra pro EU/NATO garbage.

    Did your channel report about Kiev shelling the Donbass for 8 long years, 2014 – 2021?? No you completely ignored that news, such hypocrisy.

  6. Brainless crowds brainwashed with liberal fascism completely lost connection with reality of real politics. No one says the truth that risk of Russia's nuclear attack against Baltics, Finland, Poland and Romania for the purpose of own security is real.

  7. "Buffer zone" was always an illusion. What do you think would happen to the countries like Ukraine? They would be absorbed again into another for of communist Soviet Union, so that excuse for buffer zone is a dumb argument. You want to live your life in peace, go to work and enjoy, but someone cursed simply won't let you. Then you try to defend yourself and then you're being blamed for being aggressive.

  8. NATO should send nuclear tactical weapons to Poland, let's defend our land, like Belarus.Putin will throw a nuc.tactical bomb, he has a couple of years of life ahead of him, he is not interested in Russian life or the lives of others, so he will not let Russia collapse, so we must be maximally prepared, if we suffer, they will certainly suffer too….

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