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Calgarians react to the unvaxxed being denied lifesaving organ transplants | Sheila Annette Lewis, an Albertan woman is being denied a procedure that could save her life just because she chose to reject an experimental mRNA injection.
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  1. This isn't even a question. Still think it's an impossibility for them to decide when or if you're still "required?" Look up "MAiD for infants" if youtube let's me post this.
    This sh!t is disgusting, and we're just going to let it happen. I'm very sorry, Canada. God bless and help you, you're a wonderful bunch of people being tortured by a globalist tyrant.

  2. So…MANY…LIES. "This mask stops microscopic germs, but lets in microscopic oxygen"….."This plexiglass partition stops germs….except for over, under, and around it."…… "This jab protects you…but you'll need three boosters, and it may cause blood clots and heart attacks…and you can still get covid afterwards"….. "That park is closed, it contains germs, even though in grade nine we're taught germs DIE in fresh air"…. "The truckers were so violent we had to use the emergency act"…. Nurses are getting fired or quitting because they refuse to lie…… business owners are bankrupt from being forced to close…..but Walmart is safe. The worst most fucked up part ?? PEOPLE BELIEVED IT !!!

  3. Interesting how the right to receive an organ transplant is based on your vaccine status but yet donating an organ isn't. How discriminatory and illogical. If Justin needed a life saving organ transplant and the only available matching organ was from an unvaccinated person, would he refuse it ?

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