Canada Cannot Defend Itself – The World Mocks Us as USA Pops Balloons Over Our Heads

Justin Trudeau “gave the order” to have Big Brother USA shoot down several Spy Balloons, or Weather Balloons, or UFO’s, or what ever they were. It seems that our inability to do anything about it on our own is making us the laughing stock of the world.

City News Clip:

Footage of Balloon popping:

True North articles:
Chinese state media mocks US and Canada

Aerial objects should be “wake-up call”

Pierre Poilievre statement:

Tucker clip:

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  1. Never fear…the dear leader ORDERED the Americans to shoot down the balloon.

    Imagine how the average American would respond to this statement.

    Once again Turdeaus ineptitude causes himself and the Liberals embarrassment, which is good but by association the embarrassed Canada which is not good.

  2. Trudeau has decimated our armed forces. That’s why we are short over 10,000 men! Our young people don’t want to sign up for sand bagging and snow shovelling. But with no weapons that that’s all they are able to do. And what a joke saying Justin gave the order to shoot down the balloons! The Americans only told him they were doing it out of courtesy. Biden is the one who ordered it.

  3. Imagine if these were actual threats and not just large party favours. Ballistic objects would have claimed their targets long before our PM even uttered a single "UMMMMM" to bring attention to his bumbling and the Canadian military inadequacies. Weapons of mass distraction indeed.

  4. Bide and Turd having the media tell us how powerful they really are after their obvious blunders. Too bad they will never show us any debris ever. They will say the arctic is immense and they didnt have GPS on the American fighter jets. In our airspace? yet another hoax folks. but whatever.

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