Canadian Government Wants to Know What You’ve Been Saying about Covid 19 Vaccines

Justin Trudeau’s Government of Canada want’s to know what you’ve been saying on social media about vaccines and how it relates to how effective PHAC has been at making you feel and think a certain way.

The Contract:

Dr. John Campbell’s video:

Palminder Singh’s tweet:

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  1. Interesting documentary on Rumble called Died Suddenly…a google search selection that precipitated unprecedented incidents that ultimately led to the documentary…and while they claim there is no connection to the vaccine, the number of, never before seen stringy blot clots found by embalmers in the bodies they try to prep in Funeral homes have gone through the roof, which started coincidentally when they rolled out the vaccines…this of course is all nonsense and a conspiracy theory since untested vaccines are perfectly safe and effective like the Emperors new clothes …just ask the 3 perfectly healthy Doctors, who died suddenly within 3 days of getting the 2nd booster from the same hospital Mississauga Trillium, one of them being a 27 year old Perfectly healthy Triathalon Athlete, who was a huge advocate for the vaccine. Sadly her counsel will be sorely missed after she bought the Plot.

  2. Biggest scam to initiate the WEF real world reset , which we see Trudeau , Biden and others doing right now with the climate hoax , high taxes to destroy the oil industry and elevate the EV industry . Never mind financially bankrupting a country while disarming the citizens ( except the criminals)

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