Canadian Parliament Gives 98-Year-Old Ukrainian N@zi A Standing Ovation!

Each day the ranks of World War II veterans is shrinking, so it was no surprise to see the Canadian parliament honoring with a standing ovation the service of 98-year-old Ukrainian war veteran Yaroslav Hunka. The only problem: Hunka fought with the Nazis against Canada’s allies in the Soviet army. Whoops!

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this disastrous error in judgment and the resultant firestorm of criticism that has since come down on members of the Canadian parliament.

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  1. clapping like seals. When I first heard the Speaker say "he was fighting in WW II against the Russians and he is a stauch supporter of the Ukrainian troops today" I knew immeditely he was a NAZI and yelled "Didnt anyone pay attention in history class??? The Soviet Union / RUssia was our ally in that horrible war! Why are these people clapping????????????????"

  2. What an embarrassment for us here in Kanada….when will we be out of the world headlines? And the liberal house speaker resigned today taking full responsibility…prob got a bonus and our PM / ( president equivalent) is mia at parliament yesterday and today. Such a clown show our present left wing ( liberal / democrat) government

  3. Something isn’t adding up about any of this. I don’t know what it is but something is fucked. I wouldn’t be surprised if this entire thing was orchestrated by Trudeau and the WEF … why? No idea… to divide us more? I don’t know. Just something feels off about this entire thing.

  4. The Deputy Prime Minister CRYSTIA FREELAND is also related to the UKRAINIAN NAZIS that this man is. It is such an embarrassment being a Canadian today because of this. How arrogant and completely disgusting the fact is that all these fools forget that is was RUSSIA that ultimately saved the world from Hitler. We owe RUSSIA our thanks for the freedom we have today. There is going to be a war soon and the Canadian government is now trying its best to make it happen. I’ve never voted because of this type of nonsense allowed to happen. The only way Trudeau keeps his position of power is by inciting a war.
    The speaker who invited this CRIMINAL to parliament has resigned today…and there is now an effort to deport this CRIMINAL for his war crimes.
    I personally hope that starting with this CRIMINAL, they start hanging these people in the streets.

  5. They should applaud. What is the matter? Doe your history conflict on what actually happened with the other European states, and the baltic states, and other states like Finland. They all fought for their Independence from Russia. The Russians after the war, tried to starve the Ukrainian's to death. 10 years later, Russia was sending t-34's to North Korea to kill our service members. The worst thing America had done was to support the Russians during that war.

  6. As a Canadian, I am embarrassed, outraged, and we wont put up with this. This was a new low that I think a lot of limousine libs didnt even expect. I also noticed the semi-hail that worm did, Im glad Kurt mentioned it, it was one of the first things I noticed when I first saw the clip.

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