Canadian student getting arrested


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  1. So a Catholic school, should that not be naturally Conservative and be against this nonsense. This is the only thing you can commend other faith belivers at least they stand on their so called morals and beliefs. Christianity in all forms is dead.

  2. yeap, canada is many steps into totalitarianism already.
    and by the way, this is where the "personal is political", a self-fulfilling prophecy and not a mere statement of fact, goes – the youth busy themselves being political activists instead of doing anything better.

  3. Yuri Bezmenov warned us, the Ideological Subversion of the West is not being done by the KGB but by the DNC who've hijacked and subverted this purely evil intent and a lot of them inside this system of oppression and terror are doing as much because it garners them a comfortable life and the power, they demand they alone receive. At this point the entire Department of Education must be abolished, most "higher education" declared institutions of indoctrination and in no way learning. We've watched them toil relentlessly at subverting the West and years of the byproduct of that failed machine have literally brought society into abject degeneracy and ruin, the next generation are chalk filled with petulant tyrannical toddlers that never grew up and have no practical value outside activism and protesting for further tyranny of their specific brand. It's pure evil, the damage such lunacy has already done should prove why we must immediately change course and reject all notions of what these fanatics have been doing, and then to put all those teachers and faculty doing as much upon lists in order to keep them far away from children from this point on.

  4. Girls who object to biological boys in their bathrooms should make harassment complaints. Plus, putting minorities in charge is the destruction of democracy. The Left with its hierarchy of dominance is fundamentally undemocratic, whereas the capitalist hierarchy of competence is democratic, and where it fails to be fully democratic it is at least meritocratic, rather than giving "merit" on the basis of perceived "marginalisation" and "oppression"—which in any case is entirely self-inflicted by those who claim it.

  5. Less than 80 years ago they chemically castrated the inventor of the computer and person who played a huge role in the allies victory in WW2 Alan Turing simply for being gay, and now they are arresting people who protest against trans people using the wrong gender washroom at a catholic school, the sort of school where they used to preach that impure thoughts or being gay would send you to hell and they were allowed to physically hit us with a leather strap without having to get permission from the parents first or even tell them that they had administered the punishment, and now they have done such an about face it went well past being a 180 and is likely to have us end up back in the fire and brimstone mode of the church and society before too long.

  6. So, is his tuition being refunded? The lead-up to this has been going on for years in an insidious way. As a Christian I have been told many times that I am being un-Christian when I express myself strongly about anything. “Turn the other cheek” was weaponised years ago.
    This boy is a real hero.

  7. Just pick a protected religion they support like Islam, preach same things, maybe even worse about the gender issue, then once arrest in same case, show how school is oppressing Muslims, enjoy the fireworks. It doesn't have to be real, just make the claim and make it with the same level of faith as here.

  8. 13:00 "the purpose of public education, is not to teach only what parents want their children to be taught, it is also to teach what society NEEDS them to be taught" and yet, american public schools are demonstrably not but cultist Leftist Mudrassa daycare-prison-camps, where you send you children to be brainwashed on the first go-around, in brutal parody and likeness of the adult 9-to-5 workday and work-week :

    – math and reading capability scores are plummeting like asteroids.
    – art and music classes are gleefully outrightly and aggressively cancelled and defunded.
    – history classes are also likewise gleefully tilted, twisted, abbreviated, and saddled with wokian commentary and forced-perspective education (essentially a form of native-install re-education).
    – bullying, in-class delinquency, gang affiliation presence, and even weapons presence in classrooms is skyrocketing.
    – the sum-total of the prime importance of testing, makes for a 'teach / learn on monday, test for on friday, forget on saturday, repeat-repeat-repeat' process, leaving the student mentally as blanked as if he had never learned anything at all.
    – there are no life-skills or customs and culture classes taught, of any sort, in american public school.
    – and recess is often being traded for either study hall or PE, not on a case-by-case basis of individual students, but as diktat policy.

    The rest of the world laughs at the american 'ed-jew-mik-ation' process as an institution, and probably actively pities its students, in the same way that americans laugh at chinese, north korean, and islamic schools, and pity their 'students' for having to be belabored with and installed into such a culturally-institutionalized cruelty.

  9. I trained as a teacher before bailing out and choosing a different career. Teachers overwhelmingly have a narcacistic view where they think parents shouldnt have a say on things like sex ed and what we often call 'PSHE' (Personal Social Health Education). In the UK this is a subject that is mandatory to some extent. This is not always taught regularly, but its where a large amount of the nonsense is taught to our children.

  10. the religius are their own worst enemy in this issue. they are the same people as the woke cult. They use the same tactics and have the same foundational ideology. What the religious consider a sin is as arbitrary as what the woke does. But everyone must be a believer. By force if necessary. The religious are the exact same as the woke cult. This is why they will keep losing and at least postponing any wins. Both claim undue virtue and the moral high ground they are in no way qualified to hold.

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