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Cancelled by AHPRA for Posting Memes: Dr Jereth Kok

For 4 years Dr Jereth Kok has been suspended from practising medicine for posting memes, satire, and other Christian religious opinions on social media. Many of these posts centred around transgenderism, sexuality and abortion.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) used an emergency mechanism reserved for use on dangerous doctors who represent a risk to ‘the public interest’.

Suspended without trial or hearing has meant 4 years of ‘legal limbo’ for Dr Kok who has been found neither guilty nor innocent by AHPRA. He has since been forced to retrain into an alternative career, so regardless of the eventual tribunal outcome he is unlikely to return to medicine.

AHPRA have disclosed that their investigation began when they received 2 anonymous complaints about Dr Jereth Kok’s social media posts, and that those two complainants have never been his patients.

In this interview we explored the offences alleged by AHPRA, using AHPRA screenshots of Dr Kok’s social media posts. Most of them are inarguably absurd, satire, or vanilla statements and the remaining are expositions of his Christian views.

We went on to discuss the dangerous reality being set by bodies like AHPRA in censoring doctors and homogenising the ideology of the entire industry, resulting in anti-scientific practices that ignores long-established principles of modern medicine.

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  1. We all know about the nazi book burnings, but the thing I find intersting about their book burning is what thats typically omited about the kind of books that were targeted by the nazis at the begining, ie, places like the Institut fĆ¼r Sexualwissenschaft.

  2. AHPRA is a totally evil and corrupt organisation. I can't believe they are not aware of their own wickedness, it is totally astounding that they cannot see what they look like from the other side. They preemptively threatened every single doctor in Australia that they would be investigated for possible job loss if they said anything on social media that contradicted AHPRAs Covid narrative. This means doctors could not report things like vaccine injuries or blow the whistle because their job was being threatened preemptively. And AHPRA couldn't see there was anything wrong with this. They were too insane to realise they had created a closed system where safety signals could not get out.

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