carbon taxed to death

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Description Meeting No. 72 OGGO – Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates
Location West Block – 035-B
Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023
16:47 – 18:39
1 Hour 52 Minutes
Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023
16:47 – 18:39
1 Hour 52 Minutes
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Fair dealing has a large, positive impact, including for:

Educators and students at all levels,
Creative professionals (journalists, authors, filmmakers, musicians, etc.),
Individuals who want to use, copy or share portions of copyright protected works in their daily lives.

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  1. BC does the carbon rebates…you have to have household income of less than $45K yr. Poverty level of income is $40k yr. So if you are not living in a tent on the downtown east side, you get nothing back. Yet again another BS government collect lots of tax $ and get squat back program. Do they do anything with that money collected in Canada for the environment. NO. They reduce emissions by scaring the S out of citizens and make them pay all the tax. Meanwhile China10B, US 5B, India2B , Japan1B and Russia1B all produce billions of tons of carbon emissions vs our 675K tons. If we go to zero carbon output in Canada, it is a teaspoon removed from the ocean of overall carbon emission worldwide. It is a money grab. Period.

  2. Human caused climate change is a farce. Carbon dioxide is not a green house gas it has a greater specific gravity and a greater mass than both nitrogen and oxygen which makes up our atmosphere therefore the very insignificant amount (0.04%) accumulates near the ground. We also could have more than ten times that amount without an issue because carbon dioxide is also NON TOXIC.

    I guess it’s supposed to be a big secret that plants are carbon based life forms that require fertilizers (NPK) and pull carbon from the soil that was previously sequestered while they emit massive amounts of hydrocarbon based terpenes like highly volatile isoprene as well as carbon and sulphur based alkaloids, phenolics and polyketides like ethers, polyethers, and polyenes. Many of these compounds aerosolize and contribute ozone and smog and haze. While isoprene also breaks down into nitric oxide which is a major air pollutant. While eating a plant based diet also produces more flatulence producing more methane.

  3. Don't be fooled the Cons have their own Carbon scheme on tap too and they will push it if their criminal leader is elected.

    Pierre? Why is it is he's so afraid of disclosing how and why him and his wife have become significantly more wealthy since the global health scam and criminal racket while they have hired teams of lawyers to prevent financials from being publicly disclosed He is not too afraid to tell Canadians that he was enriched while he remained not only complacent but was actually complicit is he? I wonder how Calvin Rovinescu and his enterprise are doing in which him and his wife are heavily invested in while also much more than just affiliated with? They are also far from the only cons who are involved while so is Ambrose, Harper, Scheer and Mulroney… I wonder how they all knew back in 2018 which industry to invest in and capitalize on while one thing is certain it was not by chance nor ESP…

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