Caroline Ellison’s SHOCKING testimony: Admits massive fraud on customers, lenders and investors

Caroline Ellison’s court testimony has now been released. This follows her pleading guilty to seven fraud related charges. She makes astounding admissions in relation to misusing customers’ funds, deceiving lenders and investors, and accounting fraud.

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Time stamps:
* 0:00 Caroline Ellison’s testimony released
* 0:32 Insane borrowing practices and misusing customer funds
* 4:13 It gets worse: Alameda “loaned” money to FTX execs
* 5:36 Accounting fraud: deceiving lenders and investors
* 6:47 Caroline Ellison is sorry. Maybe.
* 7:53 What does this mean for SBF?

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  1. It’s beyond OK…matter of fact this is all fine…. why is everyone making such a big deal about this little story, for weeks on end…jeez From the sound of this video one would be inclined to believe that FTT token went up in smoke and that these trite amounts of dineros won’t be refunded through our wonderful gubment’s omnibus bill (that Mark Moss so eloquently broke down in a recent video)…y’alls dumb…’murica gonna fix it…Mr Ray gonna get every penny back plus this bill is 4,100 pages, so I’m positive that to refund FTX customo’s funds is in there somewhere-top priority. like I said, soon all will be peachy-dandy!💸💉🎉🦠🍾 imma vote real hard next election, won’t you join me?! not financial advice only invest what you can afford to lose 😂

  2. At least the crypto market can gather the coins and melt them down and sell the metal… oh wait. Well at least they can auction off the mining equipment and.. oh wait.. Okay I confess I've laughed at crypto from the start, and this is all just comedy gold. Stupid. Let's burn a ton of electricity to play with monopoly money.

  3. Crypto, through your Windows
    From your pillow
    Will you pardon me? Come
    Crypto through the tulips with me?

    Crypto, in the moonlight
    To the shadows
    That is where I'll be. Come
    Crypto through the tulips with me

    Nose deep in dollars we'll stay
    We'll keep S E C away. And if I

    Grift you in the shadows, in a ponzi
    Will you pardon me? Come
    Crypto (like the tulips) with me.

  4. I'm sorry but who was dumb enough to invest in or trade on this platform. I've got two words for you: due diligence. Perform it, don't assume because someone has a big name that they can't fuck you out of your money. Assume guilt and malevolence, whilst you can stiffed. How did no one think that 10% net profit guarantee came at a very risky cost?!

  5. The question I have is how long they think they are going to stay alive when they get out? You can bet they were playing with some rough players in this scheme. Some people are not going to let them just steal money from them at that rate and let them keep walking around breathing air.

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