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Written by Clown Planet

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  1. Cash less is good only for the banks, not the public, on everything you buy with a card you are taxed a prestige of the price on everything without exception banks are making billions off of money that's already been taxed by the Government , so you are being taxed for not using cash as using cash means you are not taxed, so the banks is unable to make any money off of you by using cash, buying a coffee a loaf of beard the shps will tax you again then you pay by card and the bank gets a cut of the perches, know wonder the banks are pushing cashless society this hard, it's a way if taxing you more and the banks make BILLIONS & BILLIONS off of the money you have already been taxed on, when you got paid you paid tax, so why would you want to pay tax on the money that's been tax on already you don't want to but the banks are making business go cashless saying it's better for business, it's easier, it's more convenient. ALL THE TIME NOT TELLING THE PUBLIC IT'S SO THEY THE BANKS CAN MAKE BILLIONS off of the money the government has already tax you on as well as the shops you use and the things you buy, HOW TO COMBAT THIS IS, DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY AT THEIR SHOPS. ONLY USE SHOPS THAT TAKE CASH, you are being being taken up the ass and you don't even know it wake up people. WIDE OPEN

  2. How does only taking credit "reduce paper waste"? Are people getting their change and throwing the bills away? Because even using a card, gets you a paper receipt.
    Now that i think about it, a lot of businesses have to print you a customer copy of their merchant receipt. Just more excuses to eventually controlling your finances

  3. To all the haters, I have $100 that says you've never been robbed by some fucking CUNT with a gun. They are there for the cash, stating the obvious.
    How many innocent people have been murdered for their cash? Beyond that, business owners have to deal with employee theft as well and cash is stolen all day long in various ways is to blame for cash disappearing.
    Criminals are the #1 reason for cash being rejected, not some conspiracy.

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