CBC begs people to like them.

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CBC president Catherine Tait goes on TV to beg people to watch the CBC and tell everyone how good CBC journalism is.

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  1. It took me a few moments to twig onto this, but if Catherine Tait is using an official CBC journalist in a staged event, then how does that elevate CBC’s journalism? Turning a journalist into your propaganda mouthpiece does not make the organization look good. I also thought there were moments where she was reading from a teleprompter.

  2. I was raised on CBC radio with a few notable favourites on CBC TV. Now the nauseating wokeness and perpetual lying on Novaya Pravda, along with non-existent journalistic skills have sent me fleeing to the Internet. CBC is just boring and unreliable. That's it.

  3. The CBC is just a government propaganda service. The CBC is in no way representative of the majority of Canadians their news service only tells half of any story. The government approved half.
    The bias has been obvious for nearly a decade but has since Trudeaus regime it has become insufferable.

  4. It breaks my heart to see what CBC has become: a rickety, rudderless raft heading off the (Canadian side) of the Niagara Falls, all the while lamenting that they have yet to fill their quota of coloured eye patches and cursing the other boats for bothering to paddle upstream.

    I grew up listening to all sources of CBC: radio and TV (both French and English). SRC was the only source where I could watch Star Wars back in the peasantvision days of 3 channels. Albeit a small budget, they really made do with what they had.


  5. I have fond memories of CBC Radio. In model shops, many times there'd be a radio tuned to the CBC. Great programs would expose us to under represented artists from all over the country. Or have pretty good political discussions that would spark a conversation in the shop. Even with different opinions, we'd all end up laughing our asses off over some joke at another's expense… including the person who was the butt of the joke. All this to say is I'm on the fence with the CBC.

    If there's government fed propaganda from the CBC that has to be fixed. That is not part of the CBC's mandate. If it is, it shouldn't be. It's tax payer funded, for the tax payers; not the tax dodgers currently running the gov. I like that it promotes Canadian material. We need that. Because, for whatever reason, Canadian TV and movie industries are stubbornly service based.

    Why isn't Canada creating really great stuff like our cousins in the BBC? It's poppycock that the money isn't there. Jeez, how many international cultural alliances are made to fund content? It'd be great if the film and TV industry could get some of that sweet, sweet, laundered money that's been breaking our real estate markets. Think of the content! /s

    If the CBC is garbage today, it's because of ideologues in charge. CBC news should be hard line centrist. I don't think it should be defunded like many conservatives believe. It should be a protected entity and maintain a grassroots soul. Far left ideologues need to go. Conservatives need to understand that there's more than just the bottom line.

  6. In entertainment I don´t care if someone "tries their best". That is okay and expected and cute for little children. I would just cringe and turn away.

    Idk, I learned to play piano once upon a time. You have to produce and impress. If you can´t do that, then practice until you can wow an anonymous audience.
    Good filmmarkers and other artists can do that and fascinate the audience even with "boring" scripts…
    Professionalism is paramount, if the illusion of control and waymark is not there, then it is a fat old FAIL.

    And the term "truth" is subjective. Someone who studied speech and the use of it and the entire complex of political coloring etc should be aware of these generations old revelations. But…that is journalism, and that is lying dead in the gutter anyway. It dies when a writer wants to tell people what to think, injecting their own opinions into facts.
    But that is not truth, it is but a raped and paled shadow of reality.

    As a great revolutionizer once said: Freedom, Justice, and a hard boiled egg!! (That is from the hand of one T Prachett who told that while freedom and justice are indeed very nice to have, they are very hard to achieve and maintain; but a hard boiled egg is something palpable. It also shows if they are taking you at all seriously, like Van Halen and the brown smarties…)

    My teacher in school told us about a friend of his who worked as an editor for a fairly big tv boulevard/true crime/scandal show that wants to be taken seriously.
    He told us what their credo was: Blood, sperm, tears.
    If a topic doesn´t at least involve one of these, it was not discussed. And that´s not even the tip of the iceberg(this is 20 years ago anyway). Nobody talks about where the moneys come from these days and who criticises what and why/ why not. Those are ever interesting questions, go look at their ads and you will know what topics they avoid like the plague….

  7. Seems to me state companies are the same in everywhere. Nest of talentless resentful losers that cannot compete in the market and must be employed by children's food and elders medicine taxes.
    Political bigots serving the propaganda in fashion for the beloved leader on turn. Wasting our money for things nobody likes and lining the pockets of their privileged salary bureaucrats (the modern aristocracy), production companies and otherwise jobless talent lacking, pretentious and arrogant actors, directors, "journalists", etc.
    Here in Argentina the state channel doesn't even get into the ranking. Nobody watches it so there is no points to give them. The most views they get is from people recording them to post on YouTube or social media de BS they say and mock them. A bunch of liars, mercenaries, incompetent propaganda spewers and talentless people getting public funds to live their privileged high income lives while crying about poverty and talking about gender identity, criminal rights, deconstruction, and about how everything they dont like is hate speech and fascism against their benevolent government and it's social justice that only wants to tell you what to think, what to do, pay all your income In taxes, don't complain. Worship them for they care about the poor and social issues, fighting ruthless evil capitalism and libertarians, while living in rich closed neighborhoods, doing vacation in New York and Miami, Paris, Barcelona, the Caribbean with money they can't justify since they never worked in the private sector.

  8. State funded media is a weird phenomena, allways lacking in both quality and reach even in their home country, i think that model is fundamentally flawed since its investor is the State and is always beholden to it, the people are naturally skeptic of all media but specially state funded media since its a pipeline of propaganda that sounds to soviet to most westerners.

  9. So yeah, did grow up with CBC. A smattering of great shows that were loved world-wide: kids in the hall, SCTV, Four on the Floor, Wayne & Schuster, Schitt’s Creek etc.. but just a few gems in the rough. Like one great show was replaced by another one, but never really had multiple great shows at one time. Just one gem at a time. (No pun intended on the logo)Hockey Night in Canada would be the biggest show Ithink lol. But yeah, only modern shows of theirs I watch is Murdoch Mysteries and HNIC, though, HNiC is just part of a bigger hockey team with SportsNet…so yeah…just like one show. And that’s it

  10. Wow. This level of tone-deafness is astounding. Like she's either flat out lying, or is living in a completely different reality than the rest of us here in Canada. This is gas lighting at its finest. Basically the opposite of everything she said is true. The last two years of their behavior is EXACTLY why people have lost faith in institutions in this country. We have an incompetent government, a media apparatus that at this point is fine with publishing out right falsehoods because they know it will start a controversy, they're no better than tabloids at this point.. And a national police force that is so corrupt it would make warlords in Africa blush. Truly dark days in Canada. The worst part is people actually do see the CBC as credible.

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