CBDCs Almost HERE! Why This Really Worries Me!

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0:00 Intro
0:45 CBDCs Explained
4:51 North America
8:21 UK And Europe
12:19 Asia, Middle East, Latin America
16:18 Africa, CBDC Failure


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  1. Could the failure of banks in the US lead to the consolidation required to roll out these CBDCs? It's an interesting thought experiment. Don't forget that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are missing here 👉 You have to check out my deals page which has some of the best promos and discounts in the crypto space 👉

  2. This ain’t nothing new, this news is 2000 years old. This is the start of the 10 kings. At the rise of the Antichrist, this will eventually be unified into one monetary system, where you can’t buy nor sell unless you have a mark or the number of his name, pledging allegiance to the beast and the beast system. It’s clear as day what’s happening but people still reject the bible. Jesus is coming soon, chose whom you will pledge allegiance too…

  3. Pushing the crypto scam lmfao you have no control because you have to convert the tender to a currency which is legally recognised and crypto is not, the only reason you can exchange the crypto for USD is because the pseudo-banks aka crypto exchanges have liquidity for it. The "law" will "change" and you will own nothing and be happy.

  4. Food for thought.. So how much would it take for a developer to work on a crypto BC that could be used to take everything back in just a couple years? How much money would it take for you to dig your own grave? So for those fluent in DC world watch for smelly contracts, fishy investors or sketchy companies, because most likely lie, cheat, steal, deceive will be the game to get the BC built for CBDC. The rewards for the elites means, gloves off, to get it done by any means.

  5. 99% of Crypto is garbage, they are worthless without Fiat. People are greedy, 98% are only in Crypto to get rich quick.
    The Dollar is already a global CBDC in some form. America has been using the dollar to bully third world countries & developing countries when they disagree on issues.

  6. China only started a pilot, it was not mass launch.
    Guy always check your facts on China, you constantly spread false information about China. China only had a pilot, no mass rollout and no final decisions despite all the bs on western media about CBDC’s in China

  7. I be like your vids, but Bitcoin etc we’re a test to see if they’d work. They made it greedy. So many would talk it up for return. Therefore volatile, to see if it would level out at some point, and how long that would take. Also if it could handle cyber attacks etc. Bitcoin has paved the way for unnecessary CBDC’s/SCS. Greed may have, or hopefully not, doomed from middle class down.

  8. The issue is;
    Is this whole CBDC nonsense their way of getting us all reigned towards BTC?

    They clearly use a lot of time, money, countries, and long term planning/strategy to roll out their vision for the future. Would they really be so sloppy with their CBDC, if it’s so integral to their plot?

  9. This video should be shown in every junior/primary school in the world. The 9-10 year olds of the world will easily understand the evil of CBDC's and be the true wave of humanity to fight them.
    Time to dust off the guillotines and round up the few hundred slug politicians around the world responsible, to show the "elites" that we reject the most evil form of slavery ever devised.

  10. If we assume the goal of CBDCs is a one world government in the hands of a few powerful elites ( the same elites who are driving the globalist agenda ) then a few things must happen. They need a centralised international banking system that effectively controls all central bank interactions. They need widespread adoption of a digital ID for each countries citizenry. They need a crisis in order to force adoption of the CBDC. I think that last one is evident from the Nigeria experience but also from studies in western nations – I think the adoption rate would only be 15% from memory.

    The first part, getting together a club of globalists has pretty much already happened. Getting people to adopt a digital ID is going to be much harder and I believe it will require some sort of manufactured crisis to force adoption. My money is on a global cyber attack, and the governments then forcing everyone to have a digital id or else no pension/unemployment/childcare/health benefits for you. I think bank failures etc are just the cracks in the current US system starting to show, and they will keep repairing the cracks until they are ready for the *final solution*.

    So that's how I see it, get the star chamber organised, cyber attack crisis to force digital id, then the worldwide economic crash so the governments around the world can put us all on the digital dollar.

    Of course I could be totally wrong 🙂

Australian Central Bank Tests CBDC Tied to Ethereum

Australian Central Bank Tests CBDC Tied to Ethereum

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