CCP: bringing the world within one meter of a major war! New conflict between China/the Philippines

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The reason why the Philippines is so important is that among the five US treaty allies in the Indo-Pacific region, the Philippines is the closest to Taiwan. Its northernmost island of Luzon is even closer.

The CCP is not only exerting high pressure on Taiwan but is also in conflict with the Philippines in the South China Sea. As China finds itself in a rapidly changing environment both internally and externally, a major internal upheaval seems to be on its way.
Tensions in the South China Sea have escalated in recent weeks as China and the Philippines became embroiled in a series of disputes over territories over which they both claim sovereignty. Under the U.S.-Philippines military alliance, the U.S. will come to the defense of the Philippines in the event of a serious confrontation between the Philippines and other countries in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

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  1. Maganda sa coastguard natin yung barko nila lagyan nung pang traktora. Pag bumangga sila eh di itulak palabas ng eez ng Pilipinas. Kung posible ang ideya. Pero alam naman natin, magaling china sa pagmamaniobra ng kasinungalingan at mga propaganda. At kaya nila palabasin na masama tayo. Lalo na ngayon sila ang may kontrol sa UN human rights council.

  2. By the distance itself, China is far out from its jurisdiction. If international law is not upheld, then does that mean that the US can claim it as well? And since the the US is far stronger than China, would they behave like the Filipinos then?

    China needs to be stopped or we’ll end up having a world free for all with a strong military power raking all the place they want.

  3. The video should have mentioned that not only these disputed area are within 200 nautical miles of Philippines recognized border, they are hundred of miles away from the recognized border of China. China's rationale for claiming these areas in the ocean was that the KMT claimed the same areas after 1945, and at the time of the claim, none of the countries within these disputed filed a counter claim at the time. Well, some of these countries were not yet a sovereign country at that time, they were still part of the colonial powers. But these countries became independent, they did file counter claim and were found by an international tribunal under the auspices of the UN to have the legal authority over these areas. Of course, China ignored those rulings and continued to build military bases over those rocks. Recent events show that there are people and countries who will refuse to participate in the modern world. Their minds and souls are stuck in the medieval times, they don't believe in human right and dignity, they only believe in raw power, subjugation and imperialistic glory. Eventually, there will a big confrontation between the civilized world and those countries, and for the sake of humanity, let's hope that the civilized world wins, or else we will go back a thousand years when the sword trumped over every rational thoughts.

  4. There's no "Huangyahn," or "Huangyang." (Both were said!)
    Pinyin rules are simple.
    Having a channel about China and not learning basic pinyin…no respect for your listeners, no respect for your profession.
    Tofu-dreg work.
    (And how bizarre and confusing is his pronunciation of The Hague. The "Hog"?! Omg. Minimally educated narrators aren't hard to find.)


    In EVERY invaded/conflict/war torn location there are always 1000+ years of Western Colonial Exploitive Corrupt Energy Companies drilling and mining that nation by the back door. GLENCORE. BLACKROCK.

    Funny how all the invaded countries the Invaders(Colonials) have called the invaded Terrorists and animals and beasts and barbarians. Whilst stealing all their resources, land, committed infinite atrocities, war crimes and genocide. Propaganda works in many ways. Whilst they are harbouring Institutionalised Far Right Nazi Colonial Terrorists Ideology Organisations and acts of Terrorism all over the world.

  6. Kita sa video katarntaduhn Ng mga yn tutal nmn may video cmulan plng bnggain nlng KC pwd nmn plbcn Ng cnadya Ng mga abnormal na mga yn yn nmn Ang gusto nila magpabngga pwes bnggain cguro nmn sa mata Ng buong Mundo Tama lng ginwa ntin KC Lage nlng ba ganyan Ang Gawin Ng mga abnormal na mga yn

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