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CDC Data Suggests ‘Myocarditis Cases Could Be 2X Higher After Shots’ Than After Contracting Virus

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  1. Think about how hard it is for someone to say the words, “I was wrong.” Now think about that person saying, “I put something in my body that might kill me.” They can’t do it. They cannot imagine this possibility. I have tried to tell people about this, but they refuse to even entertain the idea. Sadly, nature will do its thing.

  2. We need to know statistics concerning newborn babies born with heart or other damage and diseases caused by the transference of the vaccine to the growing fetus. How many doses both parents had , how close to vaccination was conception and recurring vaccination boosters during the pregnancy etc.
    How far out from this event will we continue to see harm to humanity.

  3. Be cautious people if you believe in Jesus you need to be very cautious because I do believe we're the last generation and I also believe the mark of the beast will be implemented very soon or it's already here and it just has not been forced very cautious what you put in your don't think it's just gonna be that obvious when it comes to the mark of the beas I know The Bible says right hand in forehead and the word of God is so true Keep an open mind because God makes it very clear his thoughts in ways are not our thoughts and ways the foolishness of God is more wise than the most wisest of men we need to be cautious because even though scripture says what it says there could be more to that

  4. Ages 18-64 is a alarmingly broad age group. Basically every single person that could be physically & cognitively sound is affected. Who is left to fight a war? Who is left to advocate for themselves or others? You cannot convince me at this point that this is anything other than intentional Genocide. If these death rates continue Who will be left standing? Resist this in every way possible. If you lose your job, you save your life. God provides for us, not an employer or govt. Seek God/Christ first

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