“Ceasefire is Unacceptable” – The US stops pretending

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The US has finally stopped pretending to be pro-peace: with China proposing a plan for a ceasefire, Secretary of War Antony Blinken announced that stopping the war is unacceptable. And when CodePink’s Medea Benjamin called for Blinken to act as a diplomat instead of a war hawk, she was dragged out of the room by security. The US does not want peace.

So to dig deeper into the US’s aggression, we asked Twitter superhero Michael Tracey to help us unearth more evidence of warmongering weapons-dealers calling themselves politicians.

What he found was a 2014 interview with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, after a trip to Ukraine with best bud John McCain, unknowingly giving away the US’s entire efforts of regime change.

“With him being forthright about the decisive role that the United States played in ousting Yanukovych from power,” Tracey explains, noting that Murphy didn’t know this would become a hot topic. “He’s talking about it as though he’s recounting just an average day’s work that wouldn’t have any noteworthy political content.”

But he tells us why Murphy’s confession is so important: “If today somebody who was not a US senator uttered the same exact words that Murphy did in these clips to describe US conduct in 2014 in Kyiv, they would be accused of being a Russian propagandist.”

Watch the full interview with Michael Tracey on the state department-funded report that Russia is kidnapping Ukraine’s children, Ron Desantis pretending not to be a war hawk, and the House hearing on TikTok, where free speech and free market are only cool if the US gets to do it.

Plus, watch this week’s Thursday Throwdown: “Suck on this!” – Thomas Friedman celebrates 20 years in Iraq.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 The Four Food Groups of News
12:15 Michael Tracey interview

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  1. 42:54 Tracey’s comment about not focusing on history is EXACTLY the problem with US citizens. They have remedial knowledge of why we’re even in any particular place in the world. That’s why and how the people in our society are easily manipulated by the media! I have so little tolerance for the ignorance of people.

  2. A child wrongfully adopted CAN be returned to his/her parents. A child killed (and we killed so many in just our latest illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), CANNOT. Whose crime is worse, Putin's or Bush's? Who is to be judged first? Or at least, why is the older crimes glossed over while pushing to punish the latest war criminal?

  3. Lindsey Graham Talks Tuff The Days Of People Like Him Are Slowly Becoming More And More Irelivent.
    Also Putins Sorrounded By 50,000 Men Women & Children Armed To The Teeth ☠️. Zelenski Won't Be Around Much Longer He Will Be Added To The Waistbin Of History 💩

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