Central Bank Digital Currency and the FUTURE of Monetary Policy – Experiment in Progress

Central Bank Digital Currency and the Future of Monetary Policy. In this video, we’ll explore the concept of central bank digital currency (CBDC) and its potential impact on the future of monetary policy.
The emergence of CBDCs has the potential to transform the way we think about money and financial transactions. CBDCs can provide numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency, security, and financial inclusion.

However, the adoption of CBDCs also presents challenges and potential risks, such as privacy concerns and the need for robust cybersecurity measures.

In this video, we’ll examine the potential benefits and challenges of CBDCs and their implications for the future of monetary policy. We’ll also discuss the role of central banks in shaping the future of finance and the global economy.

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  1. Will the black market profiteers allow the destruction of their incomes? What drug dealer is going to accept cbdcs? None.
    How powerful are the people at the top of the black market economy? Very. Once they realize they are going to lose everything, won't they do everything in their power to stop this?

  2. Digital currencies such a BitCoin do not contain the programming capability that all Central Bank Digital Currencies will almost certainly have. Central Banks will intentionally try to blur that distinction. Hopefully the general population in the US will wake up to the enslavement capability of a CBDC.

  3. Well… As with all of this, it's not possibly going to happen it already has happened and we're just learning about it. The WEF/globalization has embedded all the major governments with their people and agenda. They have the ability to bring the pain or bring the pleasure to whomever they want. Don't comply and you get punished. Do what they say and you can have some fun…. It's already all in place people,. They've been putting this together for the last 100 years. Obama hired six to seven hundred senior executive service agents to monitor and report back on the global agenda.

  4. Not the first time the government would like "programmable" money huh? The idea goes as far back as the 1930s. My step-father (a high-ranking academic economist who grew up in the Great Depression) used to tell us stories. The government was desperate to "stimulate" demand, so they tried to figure out ways to give US citizens money but only on the condition that they spend it quickly.
    In the end the best way to stimulate demand was WWII. Maybe programmable money would have been preferable, I dunno.

  5. Just wait until cbdc is fully enacted and cash outlawed and the new green agenda limits you meat intake or max amount you can purchase and you are banned from buying things or they force 500% tax if you “over-consume” more than 4 ounces of meat a week. Because cows fart ya know. Then the moron sheeple will be trapped and make and share more memes but still do nothing like docile sheeple.

  6. CBDCs are desired by governments because it gives them better command of the economy and control of the flow of resources. If your influence to control resources reaches far enough, you can win wars without engaging in combat. We're in an age of war via banking, and this is giving the banking beast ownership of the economy.

  7. I saw an interview one time of a government official stating that cash transactions are costing the government so much money in missing taxes so they want to reclaim that money. For instance if you use cash to buy a cup of lemonade from a kids lemonade stand for a dollar the federal government is missing out on that tax from that transaction or you buy used sock from a garage sale for 50¢, the federal government is missing out on that tax money from that transaction. They want every last penny they can get their greedy hands on.

    And just think, the founders of this country started a revolution for a 2% tea tax.

  8. While it may be faster and easier to whip out a debit card to pay for purchases, stop. Doing so makes it that much easier for them to usher in the CBDC. Use cash whenever and wherever you can. More people need to use cash. Pay your bills with a check as well, sure online banking is easy and fast, but it feeds into the "you're already using digital currency!" claim when the powers that be know online payments and debit cards are not the same as the government control there would be with a CBDC. Agree to the CBDCs and you lose all freedom. The government can and eventually will dictate how you spend every penny and will use access to your account as a means to punish and control where you live, what you eat, what you drive, what you say online, how you vote, if you get jabbed and everything else. Write, call, fax, email, tweet your elected officials on the state and federal level and ask what they are doing to protect our freedoms, what they are doing to stop ESG/social credit scores and CBDCs.

  9. This cannot be stopped: none who harbour apprehensions can organise to achieve any effective opposition. We must wait for the power to go down and the lights go off.

    Then, the utility and fungibility of cans of silver herring will be manifest. The future is fishy: buy your cans now before the fish is too toxic!

  10. This is what is happening to Nigeria, people are dying because of it .. a little side information, last year Nigerian banks stopped anyone sending money to Nigeria in the currency of Naira ,from last year you had to open another bank account which allowed you to receive US dollars . Then if you want to take money out once it arrived it was then changed to Naira . So money from Australia to Nigeria has to be sent in American dollars them changed to Naira Nigerian currency. From last year the banks had no money in Nigeria ,it got to the stage people were waiting all day .. sometimes waiting on others to deposit before being able to get money.. African new is not something we hear alot about… I wonder why ?????!

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