China arms sale panic

China arms sale panic
The Duran: Episode 1521



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Written by The Duran

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  1. If sanctions couldn't deter Russia and has very little chance of deterring China, Americans will be immediately out of political and economic gunpowder against the Chinese. If China then decides to radically ramp up support for Russia, what would Americans use as a threat then? Germans are already reeling from their conflict with Russia, economic blow back that they would get from sanctioning China would be a devastating blow.

  2. Putin has broken many rules with his invasion of former Soviet states as he does not want the end of the Russian empire. Putin even changed the name of the Decembrist (reformists) Square it just show he doesn't believe in freedom. They where the forefront of change but Russia now it's back in Aristocracy of elite Oligarchs. Ironically those that where sent to Siberia had better education than the rest of Russian Empire. Anarchy for the Russian state no rulers and no masters!

  3. Europe as a whole is done.

    – Mass and uncontrolled immigration. This drives house prices and rents up. Also strangles public services because more demand.

    – Uncontrolled public spending. More people means the gov needs to spend more. Immigrations are typically the poorest coming in. So they need to be housed, fed, clothed and given spending money. The tax base is at its limit, so the gov borrows more.

    – With increased spending taxes goes up.

    – With increased spending, inflation goes up.

    – With the NS pipelines energy into Europe is very expensive. So many homes in the EU spend the majority of income on energy.

    There is no way out. EU economies won't be growing any time soon. In-fact for the next 10 years all we are going to see are deficit spending and then suddenly… bang the whole thing will collapse. The UK is the canary in the coal mine. It will probably be the first to go.

    99% of the British mainstream news media follow the same script, and people here are conditioned to believe two things. First, Ukraine is winning the war, so we must continue to supply weapons to Ukraine, and second, our lowered living standard is an acceptable price for standing up to Russia. I'm thankful there are still political analysts like Dr Oualaalou who are willing to give us another perspective and let us decide for ourselves.

    Well said. It's exactly the same here in Dublin Ireland.

  4. Antony Blinken at the Munich Security Conference hinted at Chinese intention to provide Russia with "lethal support" in the Ukraine war. When asked for a clear definition, Blinken said it means "lethal weapons." And now NSA Jake Sullivan joined the fray. Analysts attributed this American behavior as a carefully planned strategy to encourage Western media to classify China as a member of the evil axis of Russia and Iran plus North Korea against the "peace-loving democracies" in the West. The U.S. still remains the world's champion in the manipulation of the press where it can unashamedly fabricate stories out of thin air to chart the way for the American and Western media.

    To call this type of arrogance "shameful hypocrisy" is somewhat off the mark. Instead, "deception" is a more appropriate term considering the U.S. sending tens of billions of dollars of weaponry to the Zelenskyy government, as well as forcing its European allies to provide ever more armaments to Ukraine — not to mention sky-rocketing sales of American weapons to Taiwan while all U.S. officials, including the president himself, promised never to support "Taiwan independence" and never to seek a "conflict" with China. Even though it is too late to reverse the extermination of the native Indian race on American soil, the Indian axiom attributing the American habit of lying over 250 years ago still stands the test of time until today.

  5. I really don't see any incentives for China to send lethal weapons to Russia, and there is no evidence to show at this moment that it is true. The US is spreading the rumor only to try to hurt the business relationship of China with EU countries.

  6. Having worked in China I can say that most of the examples you gave are made in China anyway! They already have thier own "patriotic" brands of sports equipment and cars, companies like Airbus, BMW etc already make in China and China does occasionally confiscate facilities over "irregular paperwork" etc. I remember a whole pharmaceuticals factory was possessed due to permits violation etc. From memory China produced over 75% of pharmaceuticals active ingredients back in 2010¡, India makes the same in generics…the west will be in dire straits if this supply chain gets blocked as it takes 2-3 years to build and qualify such facility the west.

  7. Go on, sanction the PRC. You think the backfire of those super duper Russian sanctions are bad? Yeah.
    I'm a tradie in the NZ. Every bit of kit, from dirt cheap to pretty damn good, are made in the PRC. Expensive models probably most likely have Chinese parts inside them.
    Our market is so small that if they stop shipping shit to Aussieland, a stalwart MeriKKKan lapdog, we won't get anything.
    We'll be fucked.
    I can confidently say the same will happen to all those deindustrialised "superior" western nations.

  8. If the Russians having achieved their objectives in eastern Ukraine could call a ceasefire and negotiate an end to the conflict and assist in the reconstruction of Ukraine. That would never happen because the West would have lost. Not lost the war in Ukraine but the proxy war against Russia which is what they have used Ukraine for. Whatever the outcome of this war may be, be it total anhialation for all of us, or peace, the US is finished. They have boxed themselves in and they know it, but until the war comes to London, Paris, Berlin, Washington and New York, they will never stop. Stop it now!

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