China Has 10 Years Left, Says Geopolitical Analyst Peter Zaihan

Taken from JRE #1921 w/Peter Zaihan:

Written by PowerfulJRE

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  1. Ahhhh….intellectual masturbator in action….guy is a walking, talking line of bullshit….the situation and the world is fluid dude…and things/actions do often fall within the boundaries of this predictive bullshit. But great to see him making a few bucks, and re the predictions, like astrology, lot of wiggle room when proven wrong..UGH!

  2. I can't wait to listen to thus episode this week. I'm almost done with his new book "The End of the World Is Just the Beginning." He's a smart guy and his research is thorough. Of course his predictions are speculative, but many make sense.

    Those armchair analysts who don't read books and get their opinions from curated bias news sources are funny. I'm seeing some of you call bullshit on a dwindling Chinese population. That country has instituted a one-child policy for decades. It's pretty simple to see their replacement rate is half of what it has been.

  3. For thirty years, all I heard was, “China’s gonna take over.” And for the last five years, “The Pentagon has performed simulated war games against China for decades, & in the last few years, China wins every time…!”

    And now here’s this guy, saying China’s going under in a decade, at most?! Will someone who knows what they’re talking about, clue me in as to what the heck is going on here?- cause I’m just a hayseed-idiot from Podunk, Alabama.

  4. I've never heard of him and I don't know anything about this guy: but the way he talks and his body language and whatever just make him seem completely FULL OF SHIT. He acts like "that guy" who pretends he was someone important but in reality he was just the shit kicker.

  5. That's nine more than the US. I mean did you hear about that US government funded ai being built to to end private phone calls and delete anything that are in their words "potentially a micro aggression, too aggressive/upsetting, misgendering, and toxic". Near a trillion dollars wasted on ai to police everyone online and make sure people can't buy kinda mean instead of using that money to fix anything in real life.

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