China MOBILIZES Against Protestors and GLOBAL Leaders RESPOND


The Chinese Communist Party moves in military forces to gain control of the protests. World Leaders in Canada and the UK issue statements, but where is Joe Biden? The Chinese Totalitarian regime emerges, with drones warning citizens to stay inside. We discuss the Chinese Social Credit Score and the outsourcing of Chinese technology around the world.

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  1. This is the global standard they want to push forward…Thru the WHO as a soft launch using the digital health cert.. it's baseline attack on humanity and freedom. All nations, all religions,races, political views, etc..nobody will be able to move without permission..

  2. Dr Fauci voice is just cringe. He will go down in history as Mangala number 2. So how will history treat him? We all know the answer to that, will the next generation? That in of itself is another question is how is this history going to be portrayed? You can't trust anything in the education sector anymore. They've tried to erase history and quite frankly they'll try to prevent history from getting published as well. We do live in a two-tiered society besides the rich and poor there's the Good and Evil.

  3. Great job. Trudeau's body language never lies. He is literally pushing the words out and hates it, look how many times he looks down. No strong emotions of anger or distaste with how China is acting or any sort of emotion of sympathy for the protestors. Just blank, he just wants to get the talking point out. All the sheep are so blind.

  4. The Chinese people may not have guns, but they all own some awesome knives that could do serious damage. They are going to have to use their very well educated brains and come up with other tactical items. And they may just have to.
    CCP is EVIL SATANIC and very dangerous.

  5. The Government Party… Yee Haw… Where did all the money go? Where did my Standard of Living Go? Phoof… just like your "Rights" they are GONE!
    John Adams 1826 – “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”
    Another Government FAILURE! So What is going to Change? Red Team… then Blue Team… then Red Team… Do the Government Hokey Pokey and let your Government Spin you around.
    Cut the puppet strings and the US Government! The Government is a POX upon thee pesky citizens!
    The People of the USA have been SCREWED by the Republicans, Democrats, Deep State Government, 3 Letter Agencies, Blue Gestapo, Big Tech, and MSM!
    The US Government Runs on Debt, WAR, Spying, Fear, Control, Force, Lies, and Extortion!
    How about the Thieving Government Stop Spending like Drunken Sailors and cut Government!
    Democrats… Republicans… Left Wing… Right Wing! They are all the SAME… there is ONLY 1 Party! The "GOVERNMENT PARTY" and they are Partying Like Hell with your Money! Bend Over… the Government is sticking the Red White and Blue Star Spangled Warmongering Baby Killer Police State Green Weenie to YOU!
    We once suffered from Criminals committing crimes, now we suffer from Psychopath Control Freak Government Agents making Laws to Control every aspect of your life and Violating the Constitution! BTW… the Ruling Class is Exempt and protected from most laws… they make the Laws to benefit themselves.
    Follow the MONEY… it is all about the MONEY, POWER, & CONTROL!
    Let's Abort everyone in the White House & All of the Staff in the Capitol! Let them get New Green Jobs!
    If the Cops rounded up & arrested all of the Criminals in Washington DC I don't believe there would be 12 HONEST people left to sit on the jury.
    Has anyone else noticed… every time the Government passes a Law… the People Lose their Quality of Life, Money, Privacy, Liberty, and Rights while the Ruling Masters become wealthier?
    Ronald Reagan – We Don’t have inflation because We are living too well. We have it because the Government is living too well.

  6. The US Government is our Biggest Problem! We could be living with Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty!
    We could have Health Care! We could have a lot of things if the Government did not Steal our hard earned incomes and piss on us.
    Cut the Government!
    No Money shall go overseas to any country!


Conspiracy no more! We knew the government in Nz had access to take down our social media pages. (

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