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China R about 20

Moderna goes global

Sun Yang, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Closed-door meeting

Infections, Tuesday, 37 million

205 million so far (18% of the population)

Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, 50% infected so far

Thursday, cases, + 4,000

Saturday, cases + 4,103

Deaths, + 8

(no attempt to collate cases)

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

(University of Washington, Seattle)

Deaths by April 1st = 293,127

Population 1,412,600,000

Infection fatality rate = 0.000207

From China

Lots of people have colds


Monday the 5th of December 2022, local government loosened all covid restrictions

By the 12th, almost everyone I know has covid

Severe stigma associated with the virus

About 80% have symptoms

20% asymptomatic


Headache (with brain fog)

Lack of energy/fatigue

Muscle pain

Body pains

(Seem universal)


Dry throat

Slight cough

Runny nose (usually light)




Increased appetite in some

Very little testing going on
Few government testing centres

Many determined to know, long queues

People still think the virus is very dangerous

Getting negative results (despite being symptomatic)

Avoid panic

Avoid shutdowns

Promote natural immunity

Moderna Chief Executive Stephane Bancel

That capacity that we’re building in the UK, that they are committed to buying the product for the next ten years


the details of the strategic partnership between the government and Moderna are commercially sensitive

UK, Prime Minister, Moderna (2020)

Mr. Sunak refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in the share price of Moderna

Theleme has a $500m investment in US-based Moderna

Mr. Sunak was a founding partner of Theleme Partners

and one of the executives managing its US office.

He left the firm in 2013

Theleme is registered in the Cayman Islands

(which does not make company records public)

Moderna goes global


New factory in Montreal area, Laval, Que

Mr. Trudeau took part in a groundbreaking ceremony

Completed in 2024 or 2025

mRNA vaccines, 100 million doses per year

Covid, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus

Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne

Canada committed to purchase a certain number of vaccines

Part of a seven-year agreement

200+ workforce

No to leave out Australia

Monash Technology Precinct, Victoria

COVID-19, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

100 million doses per year

mRNA vaccines

Monash Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner

bring together all of the elements of an mRNA innovation ecosystem

that will deliver long-term health and economic benefits for the community

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. I think the number of deaths in China for their omicron wave will be closer to the number provided here than by the one million deaths figure by Hong Kong University. The infection fatality rate would be about 0.03 %. It could be little higher, about 400,000 or 0.04%. Lower than the 0.1% seen in South Korea and Japan, comparable countries in experiencing large omicron waves but with different vaccines and population immunity. That translates to a lot of infections per day, over 10 million at peak. Also, it is unethical to use a mRNA gene therapy platform developed for use with cancer patients and inborn errors of metabolism, those at significant risk of dying, on healthy people at low risk, particularly children with their lives ahead of them. What would have been ethical to stop a worldwide MERS outbreak cannot apply to the present omicron variant. There is no longer any real public health emergency. After 3 years, there is real progress in finding the right antigen for use in a vaccine. It is important not to repeat the same mistake of using nearly unmodified spike protein in a vaccine, and not to have heeded the failures of developing a SARS vaccine just by using spike in a mRNA system.

  2. Merry Christmass everyone!

    Sorry about the bad news.
    If that variant is so virulant it is sure to spread all over the world.
    (sarcasm thank you to the researchers creating the baseline model virus that made this absurd virus mutating that will never go away. Thank you a really great gift to the world /sarcasm).

  3. Experimental mRNA technologies completely untested? Huh?

    Well not unless you consider 20 years of development of cancer treatments, Phase I,II/III studies for a vaccine against SAR_CoV-2 in the 10s of thousands, and post marketing studies in same with an n of billions … as being some variety of an hypothesis test.

    This word "test" you use, I do not think it means what you think it does

  4. I live in Shanghai. things are not as bad as it is reported in west media. of course there are deaths. around 50% people I know contracted covid so far, and all recovered or recovering. I have commented a few times on other channels as to how I feel the severity of the covid situation in China, and people are disappointed and called me Wumao.

  5. The overwhelming of crematoriums, cemeteries is a direct consequence of the so called zero Covid policy, where the entire process of burial/cremation gets slowed down to 1/50th of its usual speed – attributed to the slow transfer of bodies, slower digging of graves, distance between graves affecting the available space, time taken to dig deeper graves, the crowd control measures – like people participating in burial to be over tested, hence affecting the availability of the "green QR" workers, not all cemeteries/crematoriums/burial grounds being available as Covid specific making non Covid specific crematoriums lay vacant while others overflow while the media show the overflowing ones not "paying attention" to the empty sites……it goes on. In short, even if there are 100 burials usually done at one site, due to Covid (sorry, due to the protocol), the effective processing capacity reduces to 1 – 2 a day. Apply to these all the procedural, clerical errors that only add up to the worse……we get what we are shown today in China, what we were shown last year in India, and what we were shown in Italy in 2020. Theres no such wave, theres only a magician's show where he takes rabbits out of his hat and we watch bewildered!!

  6. Rsv, flu, etc…on rise…cuz masking and social isolation reduced exposure to common micropathogens. Our family masked at minimum and we are doing okay. Vit D and to God be the Glory! Covid came in our home the baby and middle child five years old did fine no symptoms. Me and hubby had a cold but kept moving and working out. Our eight year old was symptomatic but okay in a day or so. Not a vaxxed family. Our vacxxed friends and colleagues were so sick much longer and got the positive result three times over the pure bloods.

  7. Repeatedly referring to mRNA as a "completely untested technology" is just bollocks mate. Massive clinical trials were conducted involving tens of thousands of volunteers were conducted – anyone can go and look at the peer-reviewed trial data. We also have the data from the Yellow Card scheme, and the far superior data from the US where you can look at individual anonymised case histories.

    If you want to refer to mRNA as new, absolutely go right ahead, and definitely point out flaws and issues and so on, using the evidence. But don't call it "untested", because that is just demonstrably, probably false and it damages your credibility to refer to it as such. If you're so keen to follow the evidence wherever it leads, you don't need to commit the logical fallacy of poisoning the well everytime you refer to mRNA.

  8. Thank you for all your work. I really don’t understand why Canada’s health authorities have Not been more proactive with studies on Covid vaccines for Children. I have a terrible feeling we will hear in a year that the news is Not good and they just didn’t know
. Instead we have cringe videos from Dr Tam pretending to call Santa for advice for kids Covid vaccines. Awful.

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