China’s grain has been devastated by the flood/Millions of People’s Rice Bowls are in danger

The flooded area in the video is Wuchang County in Heilongjiang Province. It’s located in the northeastern part of China and is known as the “grain warehouse in Northeast China,” a region that is well known nationwide.
Peasants have suffered great damage. Homes built by generations are destroyed, and crops are flooded with no harvest. Look, the floodwaters have inundated the rice paddies. One can only see a sea of water with the tip of the rice crops. Now it’s supposed to be the flowering period. No rice will grow without flowers. In about two months it will be harvesting time, but now with the big flood, the harvest is gone.

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  1. Wonderful to see others reach out to help amid all this hope those who feel abandoned by their government. Such a risk for disease from dead animals and pollution for garbage, sewage and vehicles washed away as well. Will the human loss ever be shared by the CCP??

  2. Dispicable, this is what 100 years of communism has done to the great country of China. People are not worth a cent to those 100 million soulless CCP gang members, people shoot put a flamethrower to the parties chambers. And other chinese people are ripping on these people, oh what an example they are. CCP equals, no empathy, no soul, their are not humans, but devil worshippers. Stand up against you leaders, and the simply minded followers, if they piss you off again, take them down. Power to the people, it has always been this way. Communism only lasts for what , 100 years , and then it all tumbles down, lenin , trotsky, stalin, mao, all mentally sick people that promised a better life for everyone, but infact, they hate people and see them as sheep.

  3. When the man and woman were saying how the people in their cities didnt care about them or talked down about their situation, it kinda hit closer to home.

    It really is true that the rural peoples and city peoples are at odds, even on the other side of the planet. Makes me sad to think "what if that was my town?" Its humbling to say the least…

  4. The CCP couldn't care less about these poor people. Xi Jing Ping has made an enemy out of every country that could help. I have yet to hear of anyone offering assistance, not even the UN. Xi would probably turn away any offer of aid anyway. He doesn't want foreigners seeing how bad it really is. Those farmers are going to starve. China is going to starve.

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