China’s Largest Real Estate Company on Brink of Bankruptcy

In this video we look at the recent financial troubles of Country Garden, China’s largest real estate developer, and what this could mean for the country’s economy going forward.

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  1. The property bubble bust is not a good thing and the reason why it's not a good thing is because, while not mentioned in this video, China is in the midst of the greatest demographic population collapse ever in the history of the world that will ensure their economy never ever recover until the CCP is history and the country of China inevitably breaks up into several smaller countries, most of them economic basket cases.

    Indeed, pretty soon, there will be more people living in China over the age of retirement than there will be young people coming up to replace them, and that will be an enormous drag on their economy. In fact, no country can possibly survive that sort of immense population loss. As the China we all know and love today, especially their wolf warrior diplomacy, will not make it past 2030. As China is not Japan.

  2. brink of bankruptcy? that happened months ago, all they did was forestall so the higher ups could destroy evidence and documents and take whatever they can get their hands on before fleeing to other countries like the US or UK. this type of thing is common in China, especially in real estate. nothing new if anybody paid even a sliver of attention to how real estate works in China

  3. These property giants deserved to go bust. They have turned the people's right to a roof over their heads into a casino for those who lots of money. The Chinese government did the right thing. Property speculation generates GDP and makes a lot of people rich but does nothing to improve a country's economic competitiveness.

  4. As a Malaysian, I can confirm the CCP had been strong arming into South East Asia not with guns but with money, developing countless useless office and residential condos that flood the market and create a glut, pushing prices down and causing mum and pop investors to lose their savings. Many of these office spaces still sit vacant to this day rotting away in obscurity.

  5. Kind of tells you all you need to know, that I covered this in great detail almost 9 weeks ago – and went from 8 subscribers to 200 but NONE of the conventional medias will touch the TRUTH rather than the propaganda.

    Nobody knows about the slavery, the human trafficking of women from the countryside, the blackmailing of WESTERN COMPANY CEO'S via their failed real estate portfolios in China INCLUDING prominent politicians currently serving. Nobody hears about the genociding of millions of Uigur Muslims which is as bad as the genocide of the Jews in Germany. Nobody hears about the families forcing their daughters to prostitution for decades in order to pay their retirement or for the sons education.


    Where is all that news mr big channel>??

  6. when the starving chinese elderly, bankrupt and unemployed start eating their dead, that will be the sign that Xi Jinping / communist china is finished as a national. Young chinese stopped getting married and having babies 10 years ago, so its mathmaticallt impossible for their to be a young work force in 20 years, their population is close to collapse

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