Chinese People are Protesting Lockdowns More than Most Westerners Did

Faced with generational execution, a bunch of Chinese people show the civilians of the West to be decadent:

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#Chinaprotests #Zerocovid

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  1. Communism can be used as an economic weapon because value doesn't dictate price. If they want to keep foreign competition out of a market they can subsidize production to the point they can sell goods for less than what it costs to produce them and still pay all of their workers. I think that was what happened to Solindra, China attacked it by flooding America with cheap solar panels, cheaper than what it actually cost China to produce them. Sure it may throw the value of Chinese money off by a tic but by knocking other countries out of a market their money will recover fairly quick. But the more they employ this tactic, and the more fields where they employ it, the more they have to abuse their own labor market. So long as it's effective to outward eyes they look brilliant, like they're the only ones that are capable of doing such work, producing such goods at such low prices but it's all a scam.

  2. To be fair, they've undergone absolute horror relative to what we went through.
    They were welded into their apartments, starved, locked into their places of employment for weeks on end, imprisoned, etc.

    We had it bad, they had it commie bad.

    The CCP dealt with COVID in a way that our politicians can only dream of. (And they do)

  3. Clearly nothing short of a civil war will oust the CCP.
    Socialists and the left always crying about over population so a few hundred million dead Chinese is positive. Less trade and production of climate killing inferior crap by China is also positive in the minds of closet communists like Prime Minister Trudeau who should also be strung up like Musolini.

  4. In China they're building 90,000 isolation cubicles for "quaratine" & have everyone on phone app passports which they switch to "SICK" with the flip of a switch & lockdown everyone all at once imprisoning them immediately. At this point I'd like to remind you of Pocohauntus Warren boasting of their plan to confiscate as much federal & private property as possible to "build affordable housing" all across the country! Enter the "pandemic" and financial collapse, rental amnesty & small businesses being destroyed all over the nation, Blackrock & Bill Gates not to mention China & foreign dictator owners of vast amounts of our land already & this is the PERFECT "CHINESE MODEL" that Klaus Schwab brags about, that that TURD NAZI Soros brags about covid being such a great opportunity to use a tool for "control"…
    None of this was by accident. And it had FUCK NOTHING TO DO WITH BATS. Senile Biden and his slip up about gun confiscation is all you need to know about their next step. By the way if you really think those 87000 armed IRS agents are IRS & arent UN troop & DC traitor cops – I feel sorry for you.

  5. "My left knee grows bigger than my right knee." According to YouTube if you post this comment they hit you with that ridiculous post anyway Community guideline rule which is ridiculous. There's nothing derogatory about that comment only in a sick twisted perverted leftist liberally mentally diseased mind.

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