Chuck Schumer DEMANDS Fox News Silence Tucker Carlson

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is NOT happy that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was granted access to the full January 6 tapes, and has begun airing footage unreleased by the January 6 House Committee. In fact, Schumer said that our very democracy is at stake if Fox does not silence Carlson and refuse to allow him to show any more Jan 6 footage.

Jimmy and Americans’ comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal about just why Schumer would be so adamant about censoring Tucker Carlson’s segments on the January 6 protests.

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  1. The more one hears Democrats and Repubicans being called out as corrupt in the same sentence, the more the pathetic days of American corruption are coming to an end. Keep on exposing these corrupt Democratrepublican clown charlatans. They deserve to be shamed for what they have done. Not in a joke, but old-fashioned public shaming that ruins their careers so thoroughly that they can't even get a book deal to pay for their mansions.

  2. It's totally nuts what this crazy time produces. Here I am, hard-right with smatterings of libertarian here and there, totally agreeing with Jimmy Dore! We're "making strange bedfellows round here"! Jimmy, you are one the few TRUE "liberals" left. Meaning the 60's definition of Liberal.

  3. jimmy, the Supreme Court has ruled that even a mention by a govt official to prevent journalists from publishing is enough to put "a chilling effect" on americans' rights.
    it's an attack on American democracy and the first amendment and the very foundations of our country that chuck Schumer isn't in prison.

  4. Swamp Rats are mad that they lost their narrative on Jan 6th but what is even more sad that all the lies they do and they still have their jobs Thanks Tucker Carlson that video helped keep bring us more to shed the light on them who need to be scene for who they are THE SWAMP IS DEEP….

  5. We'll soon see big sponsors pulling out of Fox News followed by some a** pulled charges of sexual misconduct trying to discredit and jail him Andrew Tate style. The Dems know they committed multiple forms of perjury and violations of the law with this Jan 6th farce. The FBI is working overtime on this one. Tuck is in the belly of the beast, here. Give em hell, man.

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