CIA’s SECRET Meeting EXPOSED: “End War By Giving Russia 20% of Ukraine” | w/Scott Horton

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. The leaders of the US, Uk, Nato, and EU have no credibility with Putin having given ample proof they are liars whose word cannot be trusted. So, since he has no one he can negotiate this war will end with the total capitulation of Ukraine with the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands more Ukraine troops, many no more than boys, and their blood will be on the hands of our psychotic leaders who deliberately provoked Russia into this war with false claims of pressing for the Minsk Agreement when as Merkel and Hollande admit it was simply a ruse to give time for NATO to train and arm the Ukraine neo-Nazi army to complete their ethnic cleansing of Dobas and attack Crimea with the psychotic view that this would cause the end of the Putin regime and Russia would become a vassal State of the US.

  2. It's a trick by US. Here's how it goes:- Peace deal accepted by Russia. Ukraine joins Nato. Russia provoked again with one reason or another by Ukraine or the Western allies. Full force of Nato goes into fight with Ukraine to try to annihilate Russia.

  3. If you presume that this war is about grabbing land then the proposal is sound. However, the end goal for Russia is the denazification of Ukraine. Therefore, the only path to peace is the extermination of nazis in Ukraine. Since the west has become pro nazi the war then becomes west against east. Following this course of reasoning to its logical conclusion, the only end to this war is the end of civilization as we know!

  4. Hope and pray for peaceful solution ASAP but the CIA may not have a great truth telling record. This unfortunately, is more likely, political cover to at least put the idea in the publics mind that NATO wants peace. If they wanted peace, they wouldn't be sending $5 million per unit tanks that won't impact the battlefield for at least another month. IMO

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