CIVIL UNREST AHEAD? Warnings Energy Crisis Could Get WORSE IN 2023: Ralph Schoellhammer

Deputy opinion editor at Newsweek Batya Ungar-Sargon and political scientist at Webster University Vienna Ralph Schoellhammer weigh in on the global energy crisis buoyed by Russia’s war in Ukraine. #Russia #Ukraine #energy

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  1. Let's be clear, Trump did not warn Germany about Russian energy out of the goodness of his heart and was giving great advise, he was speaking on behalf of US energy corporations. In other words I want you to stop buying cheap efficient energy from Russia and buy expensive energy from America which will take longer to deliver and pay billions in infrastructure.

  2. 25% truth telling here which is better then most. Keep in mind there is decades of fossil fuels left if we keep consuming at our current rate, less if you factor on growth. "green energy" nuclear and hydro all require fossil fuels to build them. If we use all the fossil fuels up we guarantee the planet will not support most current life on the planet.

  3. Russia bowled over Crimea because it was always granted free access before the 2011 NATO backed coup. They would not have had access had they not and it is of utmost strategic importance to Russia to have the Crimean naval port. An inconvenient detail you probably donā€™t want to deal with Briahna. Ukraine was part of the Soviet union and was only given its own national autonomy by kruschev in the late 50s as a friendly gesture. One that Russia would regret 30 years later.

  4. These discussions are so frustrating in that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the crisis. We do not have an energy crisis, we have a resources crisis. It would be great if one of the panelists would read "Overshoot" (1980), by William R. Catton, which lays out the inevitable collapse of the world industrial culture because we are coming to the end of affordable and available natural resources upon which everything in our industrialized/consumerist world depends.

  5. The war in Ukraine, that we the West deliberately created, isn't the cause of this energy crisis. It's the unnecessary US pushed sanctions on Russia and the US destruction of Nordstream. It's all deliberate. Nuclear and fracking isn't the solution, it's the trap laid by those who rule us.

  6. The Hill needs to find someone other than Batya for Rising. I thought Rising's whole brand was to be not-Libbish, but here we have just about the most milquetoast Lib (with the Newsweek job to prove it) trying to pass herself off as an outsider. And to add insult to injury she subs in for Briahna. At least Kim Iversen wasn't a total shill…

  7. Trump is a common sense leader. He had the country on a positive path to growth than Biden destroyed it and every issue our country was caused on purpose.
    American oil is clean and makes no sense to pay 10x more for dirty oil costing 100x more for transportation and pollution of the oceans to transportation. Trumo said the Green New deal is a global hoax to bankrupt and starve countries and enrich the globelist.
    Solinesky wife went on a 40,000 shopping spree in France. Good to see your tax dollar to good use.

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