Clare Daly ripping NATO a new one

Clare Daly Member of the European Parliament

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  1. UN, Kazarian, what’s the difference? Same ball and chain, different rust STAINS!! The un is just a bunch of bullies! Old Clout Swab is still trying to tell the world that he’s the supreme leader that we’ve all been looking for! 🤢🤮 that’s why the western countries hate our leaders! Infiltrated! Politicians, cops,lawyers, judges even down to fake councils who also steal your hard earned tax dollars!! Every year another excuse! Overpaid cheaters and liars! I can’t wait for the bubble to explode! Tic tic tic tic tic tic woops! No more 🦎’s!! Hah hah hah!

  2. Gaddafi made electricity free for all people. Housing was a human right. He believe that people can and should govern themselves gov paid 50% of your car banks were at 0% interest for loans by law. He did not have a Rothschild banking system he had a people own gold dinar the list goes on. He was also apparently a terrorist according to our brainwashing and now Libya is in the same boat with the rest of us

Senator Alex Antic SMART CITIES

Senator Alex Antic SMART CITIES

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